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  1. Think if anything he’s needed to relax, there’s no doubting his effort
  2. If they were in the ground they’d have the white handkerchiefs out
  3. Hard to imagine this season being better than last but things are settling nicely for us
  4. As long as the tarriers are watching that’s all that matters
  5. Fuck up rowley ya wee wankstain and they have fuck all to do with this game so you’re full of shite
  6. They literally have their own thread to talk about them in
  7. Genuinely don’t see the need to bring those cunts into conversation here
  8. Rumours that McLaughlin saw this poll and what little support he had to be number one so refused to turn up today
  9. Think you need to log in to your actual Rangers account, where you buy tickets etc and select Rangers tv, then the games come up.
  10. Is this today’s match thread or a discussion thread for old cunts?
  11. Won’t be giving anymore stories mate, feel very under appreciated on here
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