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  1. I pretty much broke this news last night when I said he was here till he’s 43
  2. So you can still get your shopping at lunchtime and have plenty of time to sit and relax before the kickoff
  3. He’ll be here till his 43rd birthday, mark my words
  4. Ffs we know it was you mate, not a very cool joke. Sober up
  5. Have to say this rumour wasn’t start by tamcoopz, don’t want sued pal
  6. 3 accounts in the last hour or something 😂 can’t wait for the next
  7. Look at the attempts to get insults in before the ban, great effort
  8. Thank fuck I put a 7 minute limit on This for a comeback. Shat it
  9. I’ve been doing weights and I’m ready lets fight
  10. Delighted she’s been called up to the Zambian national team but happier for you that you get a smash my man
  11. You must be ancient, bringing up Microsoft paint ffs
  13. Did you not just say this off the account you got banned from?
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