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  1. Next new guy should be here for a day or two, gives us all something to do at the weekend if bored
  2. Stormed out of training today. Apparently not happy that sakala gets away with murder
  3. Gutted I missed this, my Friday remains as boring as it was
  4. He said he posted it all so you lying Jon boy
  5. Send over your codes via email mate and I will double check them
  6. Was the same last year, if the right offer comes in then he’s off, how is Gerrard meant to know if that will come?
  7. Aye same, can’t even be arsed loading up the website to see if I’d get one tbh 😂
  8. I’m disappointed that he’s tried to reference something that wasn’t even in the clip he showed, he’s got to do better
  9. Think everyone is getting the emails now but once you go on the website there’s probably fuck all there
  10. Also received email about tickets despite not ticking box, they clearly just don’t give a fuck now 😂
  11. As much as I’d like to see him tied down it’s also important he’s let free to play so hope he’s not tied down forever
  12. I’ve had a go at you in another post don’t worry 👍🏻
  13. Well @bluenoz should have hunted down the full interview and posted that for us instead of a snippet, ridiculous
  14. Literally says nothing about Alfredo and when he’s returning so how do you know that Gerrard doesn’t know when he’ll be back?
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