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  1. Not really the same though are they
  2. Can hardly say Beale taking over would be the same as when McCoist took over
  3. Aye if you ticked the box for friendlies then surely the ticket is automatically allocated to you and you pay on a date that the club sets? Same way that if you choose non league home games you automatically pay for it
  4. Tin hat on here but Eddie Howe should be next in
  5. I see you pee. That was funny about 20 years ago mate grow up
  6. @KingKirkwill get the job once Gerrard goes, heard it here first
  7. Tell them to show up on Sunday and they’ll probably get in
  8. The amount of season ticket holders means fuck all, they shouldn’t be getting allocated a ticket for this game unless they ticked the friendlies box which a lot of people haven’t, yet they’re getting tickets
  9. They said they spoke to police etc and this date was agreed, don’t think there was much chance they’d let it happen on an old firm
  10. For the 444 pages that this thread has amassed, this is the one thing I’ve been needing, thanks
  11. Going to have to do a sakala and no show as I’ve done fuck all training
  12. Didn’t get Brighton so can only assume the club has me earmarked for the Madrid game, although I didn’t tick the box for friendlies so that seems more likely
  13. Absolutely disgusting to assume that he has any sort of diseases
  14. Good chance I’ve lost a bet here, thanks.
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