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  1. Kennedy only favourite in the market cause he will probably hit the 10 games now the Scottish Cup is back. Doubt he will be in the dug out next season.
  2. Wow 👏 That video was so good! Sandy Jardine: I never seen you play but I heard the stories from my father and his friend. My father's friend even had a signed painting in his shop so I know you were special. Ally McCoist: You will always be a legend in the majority of our eyes. Thank you. And I even have a signed photo from you from when I was a kid. Lee Wallace: It is so much appreciated what you have done for this club. Respect. Mark Warburton: You took on the job which was too much in many eyes, and you t
  3. Could not give a fuck when it happens, just can't wait!! Were nearly there .
  4. Exactly my thoughts. Welcome to the party
  5. Fuck, Shagger too. There's too many!
  6. How fucking hard is it to find a player of the year ! Sure I voted Tav, but honestly...Goldson, Davis, Morelos ALL deserve it 👏👏
  7. Filmed this on my daughters phone for my dad as he missed the 1st half, so in case you missed it 👇 Screen_Recording_20210303-185912_WhatsApp_1.mp4
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