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  1. Having no luck getting the chance to pay for this.
  2. Managed to get 2 of these on Monday night from a guy in the pub.
  3. FOLLOWING an incident on Sunday, we repeat that Rangers FC condemns all forms of racism, sectarianism and discrimination. We are working with the police to identify any season tickets holders. As a club, we are proud of our Everyone Anyone campaign, led through the Rangers Charity Foundation, our work with a wide range of stakeholders and our on-going dialogue with the Scottish Government. Discrimination of all forms is a societal issue within Scotland. Those with influence within Scottish discourse should put their energy into eradicating this very serious issue across all sections of Scottish society who suffer sectarianism, discrimination and racism of any form.
  4. I have no worries regarding Thursday. As someone previously mentioned our ladies team would give this mob a good game. They offered no real threat at all last week. Whoever makes the starting XI come Sunday, it's time to step up and play. Hope whoever is affected by this make a strong and quick recovery!
  5. I have Rangers 2-0 on Sunday at 10/1. Now 14/1
  6. It is on Sportsound. But aye, they won't be inside Ibrox ! Come on Rangers!!! 氯返
  7. I don't think they are barred. Did they not ban one journalist/reporter and then the BBC boycotted.
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