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  1. Bassey has the positional awareness of me trying to reverse park on my driving test.
  2. We may well want to move them on if we can't sign them to an extension, but there were lots of reports out towards the end of the last transfer window from agents/journos saying that the mid-level market (the sort of £5-20m zone you'd put a Goldson or Kamara in) was absolutely dead as a result of the pandemic. Basically everyone was having trouble moving on their players.
  3. I want the club to take meaningful action over discriminatory chanting and unacceptable behaviour, and that Union Bears statement is an embarrassment. They create a good atmosphere but they're now bringing the reputation of the club down. In saying that, if we're putting our own house in order we need to make damn sure that the other lot are doing the same. We need to be highlighting every discriminatory thing that they have done in the recent past, and do in the future, and ensure that it is publicised as much as possible and that action is taken. I'm glad that we're taking action, but let's not allow this to be turned into a one-way street.
  4. Delighted with this. With cases rising and the potential for new variants it’s beyond time we stop indulging anti-vaxxers.
  5. It was forgotten in the aftermath of the Malmo defeat in Sweden, but I thought his hold up play in the first half was absolutely superb. There's clearly elements of a good player in there, whether there's enough to put together a striker who scores regularly I don't know. He's probably not going to get the chance to find that out here so best of luck to him - always tried hard and seemed very professional.
  6. Dirty bastard. On a related note, I'm sick of our team being a bunch of son-in-laws. Too many times opponents put in bad challenges against one of our players and we just half-heartedly shout at them. The guy just kicked our prone keeper in the head, we should be right up in his face.
  7. Cool. And I can only presume that you're fine with the eye gesture too. I'm not going to engage any further on this, but I'll leave you with one final point. Ask yourself if your reaction would be the same if Rangers had a Japanese player and this footage emerged from a celtic supporter bus. I think we both know the answer.
  8. "Kudela got caught up in the moment and inadvertently made an arse of it. Love how so many gimps on here have lived such a perfect life that they get to have moral outrage and judge others." I somehow doubt you posted the above after the Slavia match. If you're truly against racism you call it out all the time, not just when it's convenient for you.
  9. What the fuck even is half this thread? A section of our own support have racially abused a player and in doing so tarnished the name of the club. They've done it at a time when the club is running a high-profile campaign to promote equality, tolerance and inclusivity. They've done it six months after one of our own was subjected to racial abuse by an opponent. Instead of immediately condemning the idiots on the bus, a sizeable number of people here seem more upset that "the sanctity of the bus" is being violated. I'm sorry that it's not the 80s anymore and you can't just sling around whatever slurs and insults you want, but if this is what goes on on your bus then it doesn't need protected, it needs a giant fucking spotlight shone on it. Get these fans banned and give tickets to people who won't shame the club.
  10. I’m normally someone who goes along to games and is less vocal than average. I’ll cheer when the team come out, applaud good play, jump up for goals etc but I’ve never been one for singing. I just like to study the game and take it all in, plus to be honest feel a little self-conscious belting out songs around strangers. But on Tuesday I am going to be a fucking foghorn. Absolutely ready to scream myself hoarse backing the team. Can’t wait.
  11. My only concern is how long it will take Alfie to get back and firing on all cylinders. He reminds me a bit of Rooney in that he always takes a while to get up to speed after an injury lay-off or a period without playing.
  12. Absolutely this. It'd be one thing if conspiracy nuts who chose not to be vaccinated were only endangering themselves, but they're a breeding ground for new variants that could potentially be more infectious, more deadly and/or resistant to the vaccine. Their selfishness could put literally all of us back to square one. If you don't want the vaccine, fine. But don't play the victim when you don't get the same rights as those of us who have carried out our civic responsibility.
  13. Don't think so. First Minister has just said that, for the moment, large scale sporting events will still have to apply for a licence. I would expect capacity to be at 75%, but would love to be wrong.
  14. You're totally right. As much as I can't stand the two Edinburgh clubs and Dundee Utd, having traditional clubs with (by Scottish standards) big fan bases and stadiums adds to the league far more than three-stand Hamilton ever will.
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