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  1. Think Hagi has been fine. Good on the ball, pressed well and played a great ball into Kent for his volley. Aribo too pedestrian and sloppy but we've seen this in big games from him before. May be a case of 10 mins then Arfield on.
  2. Balogun is having an absolute shocker. I've got an element of sympathy as he's playing out of position but as the season has went on it's been clear he's not good enough to play against higher calibre opposition. Hopefully we can reset at half time and come out with a stronger performance.
  3. I think one of Hibs,Hearts, Aberdeen and to a lesser extent Dundee Utd COULD win it, but the stars would have to align. You'd need both Glasgow teams to have a serious nose dive and a seriously talented manager at the helm - someone so good he'd likely be snatched away in the middle of the project. Realistically the best chance of it happening was when Aberdeen were finishing 2nd and Deila was in charge at celtic, and they didn't come particularly close.
  4. Good statement overall. But we do not wish them well. Fuck any team that defends a racist and lies about the victim.
  5. Slavia are a very, very decent outfit. Great pressing, good technically and physically strong and fast. I think they're a bit above us at the moment but with greater experience and the right recruitment we can get to that level quickly.
  6. It's being discussed and will likely be brought in, but not until autumn. I imagine the legislation will allow existing deals to continue until the end of their contract, so we could conceivably re-sign with 32Red.
  7. He gave an interview to a podcast site (albeit not in audio format) a few days ago - https://essentialpodcasts.co.uk/f/walter-smith-exclusive. Hopefully this is an indication that there's nothing to the rumours.
  8. I see that the 32Red sponsorship deal is up at the end of the season. Any ITKs have a steer on whether or not we're going to stick with them or have someone else lined up? Fingers crossed we can get rid. I can't stand gambling companies as sponsors and it does nothing to set us apart from all the other UK clubs that have a betting company or casino plastered across their front. We should be looking for a sponsor more in line with our stature.
  9. Clearly I’m in the minority but I thought tonight exposed him. I thought he was consistently outmuscled and outpaced, went in for tackles at the wrong time and his touch was loose on a few occasions. It’s not his fault. He’s very young, has barely played any first team football and is being thrown in against good opposition. He’s clearly got a lot of potential, and will learn from nights like tonight and improve as he gets older, stronger and more experienced.
  10. So I've been getting custom kits made for my team every year, and I took control of Rangers in the summer. Absolutely hate sponsors so chose to have a shirt without them, and came up with the following. HOME AWAY (tribute to 94/95 third strip) THIRD
  11. We're all on top of the world and savouring this success right now, and rightly so. But all we have to do is look at Liverpool to see how quickly football can turn around. There may well come a point in the future where the team isn't playing well, and where Gerrard is under pressure, or even when he's taken us as far as he can. If that time comes, we need to remember what Steven Gerrard has done for our club, done for us and done to that mob across the city. This achievement trumps anything negative that may follow in his reign. We must never boo this man, chant against him or
  12. The first yellow to Gerrard fair enough for swearing at him, but what did he do for the second? I've rewatched and it seems like, if he's talking at all, it's under his breath and inaudible. Ridiculous.
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