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  1. You're totally right. As much as I can't stand the two Edinburgh clubs and Dundee Utd, having traditional clubs with (by Scottish standards) big fan bases and stadiums adds to the league far more than three-stand Hamilton ever will.
  2. What baffles me is the mental gymnastics it takes to not understand that players expressing anti-racist sentiments and saying that “black lives matter” is not the same as supporting the organisation named Black Lives Matter. I feel at this point like people are being wilfully ignorant of this fact so they can keep criticising the organisation as justification for their booing.
  3. Will be applauding in support of our players. If they think it's the right thing to do then we back them.
  4. I have "--" in my order history with a price of £0 and showing as purchased. No idea if this will be a ticket or a pass for RangersTV.
  5. I’m already in love with Sakala. Look at his wee happy face 🥺🥺
  6. Great first half performance, regardless of the score. Sakala looks like a really smart acquisition and I've been really impressed with his movement and link up play. Lundstram looks like he has the drive and power to do a real job in the middle for us. Scott Wright has been great as well. Watching us actually play positive, passing football against Real Madrid (even in their weakened state) is just such a world away from when we were shitting the bed against the likes of Progres and Forfar. I don't think I'll ever take it for granted after the last decade.
  7. McGregor. Only thing that lets him down is his distribution, which is awful. McLaughlin is a big improvement in that area but it's not enough for him to take the number one shirt.
  8. I park on, or as close as I can, to Gower St in Pollokshields. Then just walk over the motorway bridge and you come out on to Kirkwood Street, just behind Paisley Road West. About a one mile walk and 20 mins all in.
  9. You’re right about Collins, he has had a really good post-season and definitely has the needle that would appeal to any team trying to compete. He and Ayton might be the two players who have come out of these Playoffs with the biggest boost to their reputations. Young definitely seems to lean in to the pantomime villain but like you said the league needs polarising players like that. The absolute vitriol the NY crowd threw his way and the shit he gave them back was one of the best parts of that series. Either way this has been a brilliant post-season so far. While it’s crap to
  10. Can we talk about Trae Young? What an absolute baller. The Bucks didn't play quite as stupidly as normal last night and still lost home court advantage. I'd still expect them to just about have enough to see off the Hawks but bloody hell they don't half make things hard on themselves. Still hoping for a Suns title win. Would absolutely love it for CP3 after the career he's had.
  11. The fact that I'm pleasantly surprised at the squad tells you how low my expectations were. Glad that Patterson, Gilmour and Turnbull are in, but absolutely baffled as to why Ryan Gauld is continually overlooked.
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