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  1. Hopefully nothing serious and he is back soon important player
  2. A very hard game but hopefully we will have learned our lessons from the previous cup game. If we win this game then that sets us up nicely for the 2nd of january
  3. this is a must win match and we need to ensure that there is no slip ups I dont like how the manager played a second string team against a premiership opponests when there is a quarter final to be won you have to play the best players at your disposal
  4. very disappointed result tonight couldnt handle the pressure st mirren were giving us. we should have won a trophy now definitely and its a hard one to swallow. hopefully this isnt the start of the collapse that has happened in the previous seasons
  5. Really poor don’t know whats wrong with this team
  6. would be better just going for it, put tav up front and stick patterson at right back
  7. could be a confidence issue with alfredo, once he gets one he’ll be back to his usual self.
  8. hard to not feel confident this year but after the last seasons collapse after the winter period i try and be cautious
  9. congratulations on a important milestone jermaine
  10. Hope if we win 55 big neil gets a thank you from the club in all seriousness surely he knows he’s done and he’s waiting for a payoff
  11. They rip the piss out of gorgon daziel something awful haha
  12. this guy has a vendetta because lennon took the trophy to the gb’s corner last season
  13. mrs o neill would be a better tactician than lennon
  14. mind big martin o neill shat himself because someone put a union jack on his front door
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