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  1. On loan from Fulham not Aston Villa.
  2. Away corners count double?
  3. He should be good at corners.
  4. Who's getting the Pizza Hut advert.
  5. Wee clown loves the movie that much but cannot spell Where correctly.I blame the school's.
  6. Can someone tweet Humza as to why he's not asking why a convicted racist is still employed by his club .Not on twitter myself.
  7. Maybe some team has a tour of Japan to go on.
  8. Have they cunts won a "Glasgow Derby" yet .I think the terminology only started this season?
  9. Lucky you I've just got .Error contact website .
  10. It's only for club matches he's free to play in the Euros.
  11. Private hearse for Terry Munro?
  12. Change his name to Eddie O'Howe he'll be fine.
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