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  1. Well that'll be the celtic way accessing the players rather than assess them
  2. There's one up in court for playing the celtic way.
  3. Is it no going away that got them in this state.
  4. And both can't last 90 mins.
  5. With the EPL trying to stop goal celebrations will the SPL stop pre-match huddles?
  6. Is Doncaster not self isolating after his trip to Dubai.
  7. Wonder if Jackson Irvine will just need the one negative test to play for Hibs or will he need to self isolate for 10 days.He signed as an unattached player so not part of a team bubble.
  8. Is that Pennywise next to the 1.
  9. Can clubs from the same country be drawn together?
  10. Can see a few getting a shot on the swings .
  11. Hope it's Dingwall at the weekend.
  12. Only reason I remember worked with a friend of Asa Hartford at the time.
  13. Christie should be in Prague helping his team out instead of being in Scotland.
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