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  1. He's gutted. The lady in the shop told him his yellow and black jacket was a limited edition one-off.
  2. This is not the thread for it but I used to live across the road from him. He's anything but " fine".
  3. It's hard to coprehend the desperation and hopelessness a person must be feeling as they take their own life. Anything at all that can help or raise awareness is huge. Good on Boyd. I hope club get right behind him and do all they can, as I'm sure they will.
  4. He's also Scottish. Don't try and tell me the two are totally unrelated.
  5. No they don't. They detemine whether or not someone is allowed to represent a certain country at football. That does not alter your nationality. Is Owen Hargreaves English? Is Tony Cascarino Irish? Clearly not. They may have represented England and Ireland at football but there nationalities are still Canadian and English.
  6. In a being a person context he's South African. Has a lovely house on Camps Bay. Football law and actual law are not the same.
  7. Citizenship and Nationality are not the same. It's possible to be a citizen of a country without that being your nationality.
  8. You would become Chinese? You would say to people, "hello, I'm Chinese"?
  9. Yeah that's a great point and you're right. But long before my time, I've only known Scottish football to be an utter embarrassment.
  10. You're an actual retard. If you moved to china, were resident for 5 years and were selected to represent china at any sport, would you become Chinese?
  11. If you moved to Nigeria to become a plumber at 16 would you be Nigerian? Uefa don't define nationality. They define who a player has represented. Is Owen Hargreaves Canadian or English?
  12. Fair enough. You make valid points.
  13. Yes? Obviously? Would you say Murty is Scottish?
  14. Yes? He's South African. He only played for Scotland. In the same way Murty played for Scotland but is English or Costa plays for Spain but is Brazilian. You should make sure you actually know what you're talking about before attempting to be a smart arse.
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