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  1. This is lovely. And the best thing about it is, I'm making no comment. I'm merely putting it out there for the world to see. I've expressed no opinion, everything that happens in the video is real.
  2. Fair enough mate. Ban me or don't ban me as you see fit. From now on though, tell tales should get a 24hr ban. It's the only way they'll learn.
  3. I'll miss you the most. Every forum needs a Millhouse type character.
  4. I have but unlike others I'm not interested enough to draw attention to it.
  5. Nah, not really fair enough in my opinion. I've seen plenty of people call him slippy G. It's funny. It mocks the moment he slipped and cost Liverpool a league, or at least put the final nail in their coffin. It's not racist, offensive, prejudice against any minority. It's taking the piss, a laugh. Gerrard is the manager of Rangers and it seems that all of a sudden that means you're a god who can't be laughed at. I don't remember Mcleish, Ally, Pedro or Murty being beyond any form of criticism or abuse. Just ban me now and give that sad sack who won't stop going on about it, his moment of victory.
  6. No I'm not misunderstanding. You're busy. You can't stop yourself being busy. Keeping track of what people are saying and then trying to get admin involved. I bet your classmates loved you in school.
  7. You're right. It is for Rangers people. And I am certainly one of those. That doesn't mean we can't say what we we think, it's a forum.
  8. Don't be that surprised, I don't particularly like Steven Gerrard, going right through his playing career. It's allowed.
  9. You're a bit busy aren't you? Don't worry about what I say/think about Gerrard.
  10. Half of England calls him slippy G. I'll concede that was well over the top criticism by me, poor. If I bump into Stevie at the swings on Highburgh Rd, I'll apologise. Braindead was a silly thing to say. He was however well known in football circles, as someone who failed to follow instruction or have a deep understanding of the game. That being said, you clearly can't get banned from a forum for calling someone "braindead" or mocking a slip which caused Liverpool to lose a League. One swallow doesn't make a summer, let's see where the season takes us before Gerrard is lauded as the second coming. Hopefully he'll be successful and I'll look like a "brainless" prick.
  11. His persistent fouling is ridiculous. One of the Aberdeen games last season I was sat in Club Deck and he must have made at least 6 fouls below me in the first half, no yellow card.
  12. A 60 year old man wearing football gear is unacceptable. You want your grandfather to be wearing a nice cardigan when you visit, not last seasons green and grey top with Dembele on the back.
  13. Were they not getting beat by rugby scores in the Champions League?
  14. Not even Michael Stewart's mother looks forward to seeing Michael Stewart.
  15. We could possibly afford Dorrans almost as a sort of "luxury player" if he could get semi-fit. There's 3 or 4 midfielders with plenty of energy and legs who he could play in front of. He has, or at least had, the final pass or shot that the rest of our midfielders, generally don't.
  16. The "stand crouch" in front of the TV, we've all been there.
  17. Someone should make a video of all the times he just passes the ball sideways right out of the park. He had a particularly hilarious one against England I'm sure.
  18. I loved the contested drop ball. You're obviously a tree-hugging, bisexual, Marxist if you don't.
  19. Was barely in the game, I've got to say as much as you try to not give them credit McGregor is a good player. Probably their biggest threat from left back. I've heard, on here I think, someone say he was brought up a Rangers fan and his brother has a season ticket.
  20. It's funny that his belligerence is constantly highlighted and derided but when Brown was doing it for years it was "good ole Broony" the "driving force. They don't like him because he's unapologetically for us, he's not interested in making friends and he doesn't give a fuck who he upsets. Absolutely terrorised them today. Also, I wonder what he benches?
  21. We were pissing ourselves at him. He gave away a ridiculous foul with a two handed shove and clearly thinks he's a hard man despite spending most of his short time on the pitch being thrown around by Alfredo.
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