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  1. same deal with the liverpool game tonight
  2. Sorry to hear you know someone that has had it and hopefully they are ok but hopefully we don't get a second wave of it.
  3. Does anyone know anybody that has had it? We are going to end up in a full lockdown again cause people can't stop having house parties and going to the pub every day when it's not necessary.
  4. Aye 3 times she done it aswell after he said he was in agony
  5. That's mad only 30 months in jail for breaking his jaw and probably be out in just over a year.
  6. Can't find the opening scene but a amazing movie and De Niro was superb in it
  7. The first incident was mad but if the guy had pulled a knife on me and attacked me like that then he would be well getting attacked with the taser without warning.
  8. Watching a tv show about people who attack cops. Even when they give you a hard time would you think about attacking them or are you scared about the jail time you would do for doing so. I think they do a good job at times and don't see why people would attack them for no reason unless seriously provoked or attacked first.
  9. another case of cena burying someone who should have been a main event wrestler
  10. for a bit of fun and everyone has a opinion name your 3 wrestlers that should have had a run with the main title that never got it. 1. Heath Slater (seriously under rated in my opinion) 2. Samoa Joe (unlucky with injuries but think his time is coming) 3. Eric Young (think wwe have missed a trick by not using him more)
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