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  1. Nah just not a day before because basically the full main and a lot of Broonloan is available to buy when I went on the site there still minutes ago, which shouldn’t be the case. Should be a sell out
  2. Offering the individual Lyon game on general sale only a day before the game is a tad shady though, trying to squeeze us for £130 in the oner instead of doing that first.. surely
  3. Yeah it’s a bit much mate, been £39 for ST’s and £43 general sale for our group stage games over the past couple of seasons now.
  4. they put the Lyon game up individually on the site to buy for anyone who wanted to buy the single game. (£43+1 fee) QR code.
  5. it won 14 awards and Game of the year. I’ll have to take that with a pinch of salt Rab, looks like one of the better games in recent years. I’ll be playing it regardless when I do get a PS.
  6. That’s me only just seeing that big Dembele dollars isn’t playing, that’s huge tbh because that dicks been in good form for them.
  7. He said it wouldn’t be possible in the presser.
  8. Goldson back tomorrow but Helanders out for foreseeable sadly. Goldson/Balogun.
  9. Yeah something like that but it wasn’t quite the send-off he deserved really.
  10. Remember McCoist’s last game before retirement, he played with Killie and Bobby Williamson didn’t let him on to say cheerio to us at Ibrox. Thought that was quite shite of him tbh.
  11. Rangers 1 Kilmarnock 2 (August 1993) (Steven Pressley) Da took me to this and we got beat from Killie, bit of a riddy as I grew up there. Mad to see their away fans below us that day filling the BF in those days.
  12. That home tie v them when Candeias got sent off and we were under the cosh the full game I’d put McGregor’s performance down as pretty much world class tbh.
  13. Good support Leeds, still wankers though.
  14. Was really hoping of individual sale aswell more to split up the outgoings instead of £130 right now.
  15. Both keepers have been pretty class in this Edinburgh derby
  16. got ma pants pulled down on blackjack with half of the £90 winnings, put on 10 a hand on 3 and the prick dealer got 21😂 aye very good.
  17. That’s pish 😂 paddy power definitely setting the standard of instant withdrawal. Willy Hill is 2 & a half hour now which is better than it used to be.
  18. Bet365 withdrawal still no through, ragin. Don’t suppose you know how long @ForeverAndEver?
  19. Unlucky you nearly done them for 300 on a free, managed to get 80. Don’t even deposit anything with them atm.
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