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  1. I almost think talksport are jealous of Arsenal fan TV’s clout or something, so they’re knowingly stitching this Robbie guy up here to try to create a narrative and take the controversial/sensationalist football shite chat crown. I don’t think Parlour cares this much about a YouTube channel outside the ground interviewing fans but is constantly hammering this guy. What you think @ForeverAndEver
  2. Earn it on the pitch, or if you’re Arsenal or Spurs join the super league.
  3. Great picture. Bit harsh pushing a wee lassie over though.
  4. Monday Night Football ‘Would rather watch the champions of San Marino than Arsenal / Tottenham’
  5. That mean PSG win the champions league whilst only in the semis?
  6. Kinda interested to see what Gerrard says about Liverpool joining. Carragher didn’t exactly miss in his tweet, will stick on Monday Night Football @ 7pm tonight I think
  7. Hopefully it’s just an attempt to force UEFA’s hand into paying these clubs in a better way or more for the Champions League and exposure they bring and this doesn’t actually happen, in an ideal world that is. Also just realised that most of these English clubs are owned by Americans. Cunts should never have been let into the game to play monopoly and potentially ruin the history of great, massive clubs like this.
  8. on the week of them playing in a final to try and win a trophy too. Some timing
  9. would hate to think that football in years to come might end up like watching the SuperBowl or some pish.
  10. €3.5 billion each they get to join. Ooooft, money talks.
  11. Wonder if they’ll still get 30 million Dembele dollaroos for Dodson Jedward💵
  12. Thanks John Kennedy for the easiest team talk ever. Best team in the country. Big nosed spazzy bastart.
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