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  1. loved it and it works well i just cant get enough of it
  2. he was brilliant in play and attitude. a gem
  3. im a simple fan and i liked to see shagger kick the ball the fuck intae their half now an then and not play it out from the back fannying around getrting into trouble. Big boy Bassey was great too.
  4. It wasnt Barry's finest radio moment that is for sure
  5. If their manager does not use that post match interview then he isnt doing his job. this is a game of fine margins and motivation - that was gold dust for Sparta
  6. If I am a SParta player i am like: "LETS GO INTAE THIS DEFEATED MOB AND BATTER THEM" thanks Goldston, ya dumpling
  7. Getting the message in early that he isnt carrying lazy passengers - players take note
  8. I dont know about the players but i am getting unsettled about the semi with no announcement
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