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  1. he looks like he can put his foot in and he can play too. terrific addition. he seems to want to get the ball forward too.
  2. what was impressive was with every 3 man substitution the team never let up, the new players played well, the shape changed but the skill and intensity did not. Usually when all the changes are made in the 2nd half teams can go to pot in friendlies but it never happened. I felt every player was playing for a Livi place or that is how it seemed. I could see in Stevie's face in the interview he has a job on his hands picking the final 11 and he looked daunted and delighted.
  3. Pretty sure it was about Harry and his 4 book deal. That witch Markle is playing him like a flute
  4. Fantastic all around performance. Poster Clog Glue must be rocking back and forward under his bed as i type
  5. My bet is they are lining up Matt Hancock
  6. Guy on Go radio "this has got to be the biggest embarrassment in Scottish Football History"
  7. If it had been a free Palestine mob rally the SNP would have been silent - lets just leave it at that
  8. Each player for evermore will be know as "Rangers Invincible" before their name
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