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  1. They would have had an application into Glasgow City Council to do an open-top bus tour to celebrate if it hadn't been for lockdown.
  2. This is the meltdown I expected whenever we eventually won 55. But the fact this is how they're reacting to the mere potential of losing the league is delicious. Reckon we'll have literal riots on the streets when it happens.
  3. Best player in the league without the headband imo
  4. Hedges wouldn't even be ahead of our fringe players.
  5. Win no matter what. 11 clear if we do. Keep piling the pressure on them.
  6. DeanMK

    PC Gaming Build

    Anyone ever tried their hand at building their own PC? Just bought all the parts for a new build. I've upgraded and stripped down several PCs but never built one from scratch. Any advice for a noob builder? I'm fairly confident as I've watched countless hours of YouTube videos and tutorials and I generally think I have a decent base knowledge of PCs.
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