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  1. Do people really believe that we would have won the league the last two years if we had dropped out of Europe early? It's a really weird conversation that seems to pop up every season now and always after we drop points. Sure, if you had the ability to pick a competition for us to win it would always be the league, but the idea that our league campaign suffers as a result of Europe is absolutely bonkers. They've won the league at a canter for the last few years whilst playing in Europe.
  2. It hasn't. Michael Stewart is riding on the coattails of an anti-Rangers agenda that has been rife in Scotland for years. We have two types of people in the Scottish football universe. Us and everyone else. We'll never change everyone else's opinion of our club, so I don't see why Stewart's opinion's should be taken seriously.
  3. I get where you're coming from, but as alluded to in another comment. People like Michael Stewart don't shape or sway the public opinion of our club, they simply criticize our every move because they know it will be lapped up by their target demographic... Every other cunt in Scottish football that isn't one of us.
  4. I would agree with you completely in a normal society. But in this situation, who are the people who lap up these comments and form the bandwagons? People who already have a negative opinion of us. If Michael Stewart gets up tomorrow and starts singing our praises, the people who were agreeing with him yesterday will be ridiculing him. The people who wholeheartedly listen to people like Sutton and Stewart will never change their opinion of us, so I see no reason to even care about them.
  5. He can spout as much as he wants. Shouldn't make a difference to us. He's a walloper who aspires to be a carbon copy of Chris Sutton. Completely and utterly irrelevant to our club. If you want to pay attention to him and get annoyed by his comments, that's on you mate.
  6. One of the most irrelevant people in Scotland.
  7. Always wanted Kranjcar to do well for us, but unfortunately he was long past his best when he arrived on our doorstep. Don't have any bad feelings towards him as he seemed like he genuinely wanted to be good enough to play here. If he had a good engine when he was in his prime, he would've been world class imo.
  8. a bit harsh. I think it will look good once it's done and seen in the flesh.
  9. Not really. Although it's hard to say how well it will look until it's finished. I think wood panelling looks tacky in all honesty. That kind of decor has well exceeded it's sell-by date.
  10. Think it looks good. Should look better when it's actually finished. The stadium decor is trapped the 80s and desperately needs modernising. Fair enough if some don't like it. It's all subjective I suppose. I just think there comes a point where maintaing the stadium as is, it starts to look a bit tacky.
  11. The popular anecdote when Mo Johnston signed was that if we were going to sign one of their ex players, at least sign a good one. Roberts is woeful. He's mid level championship at absolute best. Hope this is just a wind up.
  12. Patrick Roberts is shite. A slightly flashier Brandon Barker.
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