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  1. Glasgow Rangers Champions.
  2. Tavernier was absolutely shite today. Whole team was pish. Jack and Davis should've started. Don't really see it with Zungu tbh.
  3. Depends what you're into I suppose. It too realistic to be compared to warzone. Warzone is way too Arcady for me.
  4. Aye, strange thing to bring up. Keep your private-life private.
  5. No ill wishes to the guys dad, shame that. But in terms of his team, get it up him.
  6. Just curious to see if anyone in here plays Tarkov? Been playing it almost a year on and off. Been relentlessly playing it since new year.
  7. Would I be right in thinking if we win our next 7 it's mathematically impossible, given we play them during that run?
  8. That's their title challenge officially null and void.
  9. Should still be able to see this over the line, even with the 15-point admin deduction.
  10. I'm still fucking fuming but I guess we were destined to lose eventually. Just a fucking riot that it happened in a cup game to the hands of a jobber club like St Mirren. Worrying signs that, yet again, we have blown our chance for a bit of silverware. Need to come out swinging after this otherwise I can see us dropping some points in the league in quick succession.
  11. If the OP ends in a rhyme, I like it every time.
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