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  1. The first touch thing is probably just a lack of match sharpness. I thought the exact same about Roofe after his first few games for us. Kent needs dropped (looks like he'll be out for a bit anyway) and replaced by Sakala in the front 3. Also need to stop playing Lundstram and Davis together.
  2. Ironically I didn't think it was a mistake back then, but in hindsight I'm glad it never happened. Embarrassment of a party that's only truly revealed the extent of their rot in the last 5 or so years.
  3. It's mental that a lot of SNP MPs would be so open about their hatred for Rangers and its supporters when they should be attempting to win votes in order to fulfill their ambitions of independence. I voted for independence in 2014. But I would absolutely not be on board with proceeding to an independent Scotland under the control of the SNP. The party is filled with absolute roasters.
  4. Honestly, the way they've been going on about their team I thought they were going to steam roller us. Having a watch of this game tonight and they are absolute garbage. Great attacking ability but built on a foundation of quick sand. Lucky for them we've been absolutely shite. Still fancy us to turn them over on Sunday.
  5. Katic over Simpson every day of the week. Mental decision.
  6. Balogun over Helander was a baffling one at the start and that opinion has been pretty much vindicated by those two goals.
  7. The "same club" debate is nothing more than abysmal tim patter that should've died about 8 years ago. No competent human being actually believes we are not the same club.
  8. Don't like the idea of a British league. A British cup competition would be good though.
  9. The old guard will say Goram. The younger fans will say McGregor. The old guard have the benefit of witnessing both players. But the old guard are also a bunch of mwi bastards who cannae be trusted.
  10. Hutton would've probably been an honorable mention had he remained with us. Unlikely enough to dislodge Jardine though. Kris Boyd is another who could've achieved a lot more with us. I reckon had he stayed for another 3 or 4 seasons, he could've been in with a shout at being in behind McCoist for top goalscorer.
  11. An interesting thought. Which players may have made it into the greatest 11 had they been here longer?
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