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  1. He was one of the worst players i have ever seen play for us. We had a genuine chance to rebuild from the ground up and literally signed a pile of shite and let McCoist manage for far too long it was truly dark days
  2. Defoe on for Morelos also get Hagi on for literally anyone as well
  3. Livingston hammer throwers FC with literally everyone behind the ball all game
  4. Fuck sake Morelos couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo tonight
  5. Livingston are hardly an advert for watching Scottish Football. This games been brutal
  6. Absolute shambles of a first half that surface is diabolical
  7. Poor from Beaton. Hoe the hell was that 2 yellows when Gerrard was clearly walking away from him.
  8. There is a massive difference between 100 - 200 people turning up and thousands. St Johnstone will be fined for that guaranteed as the polis are investigating it.
  9. I fully understand that we want to celebrate but to be honest all this will do is bring massive negative headlines and issues for the club.
  10. Nathan Paterson all is forgiven what a half the lads having.
  11. Lukaku should have been booked many times over tonight. Le Marchand should be off now as well he is a dirty bastard
  12. This is mad honestly. Its like we can score another 5 they will score another 4.
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