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  1. Im still not getting too excited about it as we have fallen apart the last couple of years but this season we are like a juggernaut we just keep getting the results and long may it continue. The mentality has definitely changed and the squad is getting better and better so at the end of this month i will start to allow myself to get excited.
  2. Looks like a real prospect. He absolutely ripped the apart yesterday. My mates a ST holder for ICT and he said he is a cracking player. Its good that we are loaning out a lot players and they are getting game time.
  3. It would be fantastic if we started to bring through some quality young players as well as signing good players for reasonable amounts. The Ajax method for me is what we should be looking to do. I know we have brought through some good youngsters in the past but its always been very infrequent. We just need a consistent string of youth players coming through.
  4. One of the most infuriating players i have ever seen wearing a Rangers strip he has all the potential and quality in the world but some of the performances are just terrible i would like to see him perform consistently well. Fingers crossed he gets a run and shows he has consistency.
  5. At least we are still unbeaten in the league but we need to step up the performances as we have been very poor recently. Maybe bringing in a player or 2 would benefit us in this window.
  6. I thought he was terrible against the Bheasts and again today he was rank. I just get so frustrated by him as there is a fantastic player in there.
  7. fin8577

    Ryan Kent

    Has not been firing on all cylinders recently so maybe a wee rest is what's needed for him.
  8. And again a cross in and motherwell head it clear ffs this has been the whole game so far
  9. I would say keep Hagi on and take Kent off he has offered very little in the first half
  10. In recent weeks its very clear to me that we need a driving midfielder that can channel the play through the middle and into the box for us we are far too reliant on the wings and crossing into the box.
  11. We keep trying to play it into the box crossing etc but we need to shoot from outside the box
  12. Shane Duffy the gift that keeps on giving lol
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