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  1. He has done more in the time he has been on than Morelos done the whole game
  2. If it was the first half it would be called off but given we are 80+ mins in i can't see it now
  3. Balogun looks so composed and calm fantastic addition to the squad
  4. With 10 mins to go it will finish i would be shocked if they called it off at this point of the match
  5. His touch has been stuff of nightmares tonight offered us absolutely nothing tonight
  6. Fucking hell these belgians are getting dirty now cheating cunts
  7. Hagi off and Aribo on. Get Morelos off ffs he has offered us nothing tonight
  8. Fucking hell Morelos couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo just now
  9. Time for a change Morelos off asap he is a man down at the moment
  10. People giving Kent shit come on they are all over him 2 or 3 at a time he is getting no space whatsoever
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