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  1. Look a couple of hits further down, in the urbandictionary link. 👍
  2. 😆👏😆👏😆👏
  3. If I told you, I'd probably be banned, even though your assumption would be wrong - you know, given the fact that people like to JUMP to conclusions here, at the drop of a hat.
  4. I was at that CSKA game in Bochum.
  5. How though!? This is one of the very few times during the last 150 years, where there will be 50 people watching it rather than 50,000. How the fuck is that not what people are seeing when they read that post? Fucking retards.
  6. Jesus, all I said was it's a shame he'll not get to experience a proper Old Firm game. WTF is anyone's problem with that statement, you bunch of paranoid cretins.
  7. My username proves I'm a staunch prod. If you want more proof, I could ask a mod to add king_billys_on_the_wall_1690 after it, so there'd be no doubt.
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