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  1. I wonder if he's still longest in the shower...
  2. There's another thread saying we looked 'completely at ease' last night, and there's this one where our goalie had an absolute blinder... The OP here has a better footballing brain.
  3. Aye, but it's Europe - they are shite when they play in Scotland. And our manager always sits down, too.
  4. Another joke of a thread. We hardly looked 'completely at ease'. They missed a few sitters and we could easily have been 2-0 down. Jesus, can you imagine this place if they'd actually took their chances. There'd be 'Gerrard Out' posts all over the front page!
  5. Aye, you're right - I think you've cracked it! When we drop points, It's really nothing to do with the players making mistakes or lapses of concentration - it's ACTUALLY because Gerrard likes to sit down more in Scotland. Heard it all now.
  6. ...and the third question is an utter abomination.
  7. Anybody would think we had a different manager who took charge of European games.
  8. GvB was hard to take cos he was just coming into his prime.
  9. You should start a new one after tonight's result. #ficklefans
  10. It's actually a billion miles away when it's a two-horse race.
  11. ...and I stand by the fact that McLeish was gifted every single trophy.
  12. Yeah, we have had much worse. But fuck me, by the end of McLeish it was barely football we were playing. It was hard to watch.
  13. Exactly. Gerrard has got us to within a inch of those cunts, when we were a million miles away before he came. This year he will win us the league. Guaranteed.
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