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  1. These songs are a part of the history of our club and support whether you or the mock offended like it or not.I for one are glad we have the 'religious' aspect to our football as without it we would never have become the club we are or enjoyed the greatest rivalry in British football. Without the hatred and bigotry Scottish football would have resembled the League of Ireland and anyone who doesn't enjoy the atmosphere when we play the scum, regardless of the poisonous background, is quite simply lying. Whilst we have religious fanatics committing the most heinous crimes imaginable in the name
  2. Reasonably intelligent supporters of other clubs who did nothing to help our club, which in turn did not help their club or Scottish football. We have no friends in Scottish football and that's fine with me.
  3. With the odd exception Scottish grounds are empty every week. Nobody would notice if fans boycotted.
  4. Protest with arsehole fans of all the clubs that wanted us dead? Great idea. That should give them a chance to test their facial recognition scheme. Fuck the rest of Scottish football. Rangers stand alone as we always have. I'm not against a protest by out fans but do it at a match at Ibrox.
  5. Not partly - they are wholly to blame. Nationalists that ruined their nation.
  6. I wonder which fans group will be the first to bring out and sell 'unofficial disguises'.
  7. They had facial and body recognition for Griffiths yet he got away with it. This is another example of lazy and cowardly policing and has the prospect of civil law suits written all over it. The most ironic thing is that the behaviour of football fans in Scotland is nowhere near the biggest social issue facing the country. A 21 year old was murdered at the weekend only a few years after his mother and cousin/uncle were also killed. This is real crime and people getting offended with singing is only taking police resources away from investigating such incidents.
  8. I expect money to be made available in the summer in order that we can have a go at the scum from day 1 next season. I watched I Believe in Miracles the other day and what Clough achieved taking Forest from the English second division to English and 2 time European Champions was a far greater task than knocking the scum off their perch. I do not expect us to win the title next season. I hope we do but I expect us to do everything we can to win it
  9. In the first programme he was on there was a picture of the 72 Cup Winners side oñ the wall in his house.
  10. Whilst you are banned from matches that prick Griffiths is free to enter stadiums despite being caught on video singing discriminative songs. I don't think anyone should be banned for singing,regardless of the lyrics, but it is a disgrace that there is one rule for fans and one for a player who was actually a fan that day.
  11. Some interesting views and the jury is still out for me. I think he's a good shot stopper but that he is small and slight for a top class keeper. Yes I know he is 6'1 and that Goram and Klos are only 5'11 but he is not in their class. Next season will be a far greater test every week and it will be interesting to read opinion this time next year
  12. A great player for us. An underrated player who was intelligent and always put the team first. Iirc his record against the scum was very good for us.
  13. I agree about Rae and whilst he should be taken to task for his comments in the programme, their programme is probably read by hundreds as opposed to the thousands who will have read the Sun yesterday. It is just another example of añ anti-Rangers myth, or more to the point - made up lies to paint the club in a bad light, that has grown arms and legs to the situation where it is reported as fact in a national newspaper. That's before you consider that the lies were told to somehow balance out an article criticising the scum's support. When we were getting it all across the media for singing at
  14. This is apparently what he wrote: Writing in his programme notes for the match with Raith, he said: “Regrettably we were unable to hold onto our lead when Rangers equalised with five or six minutes of the match remaining. "" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; outline: 0px; vertical-align: bottom;"> “It was still a wonderful day, one which I am sure will be fondly remembered for a long, long time. Our match with Rangers was the first match at Ibrox this season that Rangers did not win. “Regrettably, some Rangers fans were not at all pleased and resorted to pelting the Morton fans
  15. So you think the club have sanctioned this as they don't think it is a big deal? If someone from the club has had prior knowledge of this and hasn't prevented it being printed they should be removed.
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