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  1. As stupid and as funny as it is. Compare Morelos and Defoe in that video and that is why 1 has achieved so much and 1 will underachieve. Still love the wee man though.
  2. McLaughlin Patterson Balogun Simpson Bassey Zungu Arfield Aribo Roofe Defoe Wright 4-0
  3. Barry Ferguson man! What a class player
  4. Am born in 91, so don't remember Hately but are we picking him based on his partnership with Mccoist?
  5. Arthur Numan at right back, and if that is Craig Moore at left back am leaving this forum!
  6. If you go to a player n whisper " a fucking guy" in his ear n he points and says "racist" you don't then try and walk away from him, you would challenge him n say "wtf you on about, I called you a fucking guy" as guilty as charged! Get the cunt done! There fans will continue to do the banners and tbh they don't bother me anywhere near as much as this "professional" footballer doing this in this cowardly way!! Arsenal should hump them n have a "WE STAND WITH KAMARA " message under there shirts....after all he is a boy from there youth set up!!
  7. Whys he not covering his mouth??
  8. 2 long range belters was the difference between the teams over the 2 legs nothing more. Sunday will be a great way to bounce back.
  9. Its Glen Kamara... everyone in Scotland knows Glen Kamara.... everyone should get behind not just Rangers and Gerrard!
  10. Result isn't irrelevant, if we were 2 up n done it then fair do's, but to do it at 2 down it would look like we had looked for a way out. To continue and complete the game is the way to go imo,
  11. What if we were 2-0 up tho?
  12. Buffon Cafu Desailly Cannavaro Riise Iniesta Viera Pogba Messi Tevez Hazard Ooppss! Wrong team!! Easy mistake to make. 1-0 Rangers
  13. Surely our fans will stay away now?? We as fans asked the players and management to deliver the title. Now the players and management are asking us to return the favour. Let's not take the gloss off this great season and give them nothing to put on the back pages apart from another win at parkhead match report. We want this season to end with all games played and a trophy presentation at ibrox, when this happens we can flock to ibrox and celebrate 🍾 😀 Let's not jeopardise that day by turning up at Parkhead next weekend. "LET'S NOT GO"
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