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  1. Yip, n if they win semi they need to squeeze final in aswell.
  2. Covid free week ahead then onto Thursday and Sunday!! Can't wait!
  3. The no fans has definitely helped these types of players, that struggle to deal with the pressure of the fans! One bad touch or pass, the crowd are on there backs and they go into a shell.
  4. Can someone enlighten me? Why is ibrox empty in the game Gazza scores against Bucharest
  5. Mcgregor Tav Balogun Helander Barisic Jack Davis Aribo Roofe Morelos Kent Rest Kamara, Goldson, Arfield. Keep Morelos in team, ideal chance for a confidence boosting goal
  6. 3 goals domestically 1 offside n 1 an own goal
  7. 180mins last 2 games, not a shot on target from the opposition
  8. If they have contracted it off Bruges that easily, surely its inevitable that we will be affected soon
  9. Superb!! And some folk were on here saying they don't watch as playing them! Think that's the 5th time av watched the goals back
  10. Nk89


    A massive positive from yesterday was seeing Aribo back on the park! Big man is pivotal to winning these park the bus games
  11. Nk89


    Wee man done fine yesterday, kept 3 cbs busy, Duffy ended up being the one that got wound up, at the end of the game Duffy was blowing out his arse like a tradesman at the end of a game of 5s 🤣 Morelos didn't stop all day! Hopefully he bags a goal on Thursday
  12. McCanns analysis of our set up with tav and barisic playing a bit deeper was class Our manager and backroom team have some great ideas n tactics for these types of games
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