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  1. Hopefully a full ibrox for Flag day! I will settle for that
  2. No Roofe, No Jack, No Arfield No Problem 😊
  3. Double swoop by PLG, same day am sure, both hardly got a chance.
  4. Ben Sahar, was Chelsea player aswell. Random I know
  5. Bitter sweet, watching the fans celebrating and what we have missed out on so far.
  6. Exactly the same thoughts I had, thought he was always conveniently "injured". But he has proved me wrong 😊
  7. McGregor Tav Goldson Balogun Barisic Davis Kamara Aribo Morelos Defoe Kent We are going to have alot of possession and balls into the box, Defoe could be the man for this weekend
  8. Defo need someone in, dont want Davis playing every minute at his age! Will see more of Zungu for the month of January i think
  9. Thing is aswell, if big Katic didn't get injured he wouldn't of been signed! Every cloud! 😁
  10. Is anyone getting a bit downhearted tht the season is going to get stopped. Don't seem to be looking forward to this as much as the previous 22 league games.
  11. Massive game, we win this it piles the pressure on them on Monday night to get a result especially after this trip they are on! McGregor Tav Goldson Balogun Barisic Davis Kamara Hagi Aribo Morelos Kent 2-0 Gers 🇬🇧
  12. Football will still go ahead for now, its work from home if you can. N 55 is essential 👌
  13. Nk89

    The Split

    Still harder places to go tho, like Hearts last season
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