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  1. A good away day going to waste, winnable tie nonetheless.
  2. Haha Steve Clarke is the favourite after Kennedy. Doesn’t get any better than that.
  3. M0NTANA

    Ryan Kent

    You know it’s been a great season when people have to scrape the barrel for things to complain about.
  4. Gerrard has brought stability to the club. We look set up to continue to dominate as players are tied down or still young, and we should only be needing to bring in one or two quality players each year now to challenge those who are already here. If we were completely out of the picture next season I would be worried, but no chance I'd be sacking the man who stopped 10 in a row. But, another season falling short - questions would need to be asked I think. Very similar to Klopp I suppose, if Liverpool have another stinker next season the decision may be taken out of our hands.
  5. Tav deserves everything, he came here to win trophies and despite the criticism and tough times he's endured, he has kept his head down and fought to bring the league back to Ibrox. I think most (myself included) would have been happy to see him go before Gerrard took over and probably even after his first season in charge. Would love to see him finish his career here now and start stacking league titles.
  6. Were we not close to signing Ruud Van Nistelrooy? He then go injured, deal fell through, and he then signed with United after?
  7. Would be looking to play as strong a team as possible with one or two rotations. Another clean sheet, win and top of the group will have morale sky high.
  8. Contract should be ripped up for this, let it be a marker to everyone. The days of fucking about are over, Jones is another distraction we do not need, between this video, the way he celebrated scoring against us after signing his pre-contract and the rumours about the 15 year old girl. This is attention we do not need and is behaviour the likes of Walter, SAF, Mourinho etc. would not tolerate. Its contrasting that the so called ‘Rangers men’ are the ones that are constantly the issue whilst you have the likes of Kent who comes here and just gets it.
  9. If we tried it the ball would be getting passed along our back line in no time at all.
  10. Aye mate that’s exactly it, I fully expect him to rip up his Inter deal. You’re in danger of going full special needs with your posts.
  11. Tav a man down and a liability and Katic should be captain? Was it also your son who told you Alexis Sanchez was without a club ya slabbering mess.
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