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  1. Finally Castore! Not sure anyone can complain with that, exactly how it should look. Thankfully no tacky sponsor to ruin it.
  2. Win the next 3 and it won't even be up for discussion. All 3 games are completely winnable.
  3. One of the best kits ever, not just for us either. But if anyone can fuck up a classic like this its Castore.
  4. There is such a distinct lack of quality front men in football at the moment. Near enough every big side in Europe needs a clinical striker, outside Haaland the top finishers are all on the back 9 of their careers - Lewandowski, Benzema, Cavani etc. I think Defoe is someone most clubs would love to have around as a coach/mentor, not just for his natural finishing ability, but the attitude and culture he brings to the club. Would love to see him stay on here with the odd cameo appearance, whilst helping our first team and academy get better.
  5. No way Balogun should have came out for the second half. Was lucky to get away with the penalty.
  6. Aye I’m sure Gerrards instructions were to karate kick the goalie ffs.
  7. Think he’s been shite, but would say Arfield was worse. I don’t trust Balogun on a yellow either and wouldn’t want to make 3 subs hence keeping Aribo on.
  8. Changes needed but hard to decide who, wouldn’t mind gambling Wright for Arfield and having him run at them on the other wing with Aribo moving back in to Midfield. Would also put Helander on for Balogun before we overplay at the back.
  9. Stefan Kuntz, saw that too. Does also make sense to promote within, the more I think about it Kopp isn't going to want to go out on a whimper and will see out the remainder of his contract. Would be nice to see the Germany job locked down to avoid unnecessary speculation all summer long though.
  10. It has been the plan for a long time I believe. Hopefully Nagelsmann goes to either Liverpool to replace Klopp or Germany. There was murmurings that Flick would be first choice for Germany as he spent so long as number 2, but I doubt he'd want to leave Bayern when they are dominating they way they are.
  11. Joachim Löw stepping down after the Euros. Not a good sign.
  12. There's not a manager in football that I would trade for Gerrard now. Good times never seemed so good.
  13. Hard to say but Morelos has been unreal lately, want to see him score in two weeks so bad.
  14. Hard to find a man more revered across the British Isles when it comes to football. A true legend.
  15. Winning trophies is everything in football if you are not a tin pot club. They might get to a point where they believe he is no longer the right candidate to bring trophies to the club, but the end goal for Liverpool will always be to win the league. They will likely evaluate if Klopp can repeat that feat, but it is likely that they conclude that injuries have been more of a bearing on their poor form than Klopp. I've not see anyone say they want him out either, my point is he may feel he's mentally fatigued, and if the German job was offered, might suit him more. Liverpool imo would be unlikely to stand in his way given he has achieved what they employed him to do, and they could replace him without too much of an upset of balance.
  16. I doubt Liverpool sack Klopp, he's ended their League drought and added another CL. Though if Germany have a poor Euro's, Klopp leaving to become the national team manager could make sense and Liverpool won't fight it coming off a poor season with a replacement ready in waiting. It's going to be a long summer.
  17. A good away day going to waste, winnable tie nonetheless.
  18. Haha Steve Clarke is the favourite after Kennedy. Doesn’t get any better than that.
  19. You know it’s been a great season when people have to scrape the barrel for things to complain about.
  20. Gerrard has brought stability to the club. We look set up to continue to dominate as players are tied down or still young, and we should only be needing to bring in one or two quality players each year now to challenge those who are already here. If we were completely out of the picture next season I would be worried, but no chance I'd be sacking the man who stopped 10 in a row. But, another season falling short - questions would need to be asked I think. Very similar to Klopp I suppose, if Liverpool have another stinker next season the decision may be taken out of our hands.
  21. Tav deserves everything, he came here to win trophies and despite the criticism and tough times he's endured, he has kept his head down and fought to bring the league back to Ibrox. I think most (myself included) would have been happy to see him go before Gerrard took over and probably even after his first season in charge. Would love to see him finish his career here now and start stacking league titles.
  22. Were we not close to signing Ruud Van Nistelrooy? He then go injured, deal fell through, and he then signed with United after?
  23. Would be looking to play as strong a team as possible with one or two rotations. Another clean sheet, win and top of the group will have morale sky high.
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