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  1. Oh come on, I'm not that bad, just because I like the uniforms... I'll shut up now, someone throw me a ladder down this hole please?
  2. None of them are me. I've only been banned once.
  3. And I'm saying cheating beats ability more often than ability beats cheating. You have your opinion and I have mine and we'll agree to differ on that but agree on this I hope, we should be beating them every damn time we play them.
  4. Fine believe what you want, I hope you're right and in a decent honest country like this used to be I'd be in complete agreement. Scotland in 2020 is not a decent honest country though, in particular not where football is concerned.
  5. Even if Alfie's in the stand he'll get booked for sitting in a manner likely to provoke violence.
  6. I know where you're coming from and I have to wonder why you believe it. The authorities in this country hate us and if they can do it then they will screw us over.
  7. Don't have any of them but thanks for the recommendations😃. Have a stack of WW2 books covering all points of view including the German, but to be honest the bulk of my military history is 17th through 19th centuries.
  8. I'll get my money on celtic for 7-1 now then shall I?
  9. Weight management? I could do with a bit of that myself.
  10. No, librarian is a nickname because I've got or at least had so many books, if it was the other kind of books it'd be The Accountant.
  11. Any idea which ref has it? Because being honest, that's who will decide the match.
  12. That's certainly the case with the rancid Scottish football team, not sure other countries would think the same. It is a fucking pointless exercise though especially with no crowds.
  13. So if fit then we start with Jones and Itten. Jones because he might just draw them into something stupid in the box and Itten because they won't know what to expect.
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