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  1. He runs and makes a lot of hustle plays but there is no magic in his boots. His offsides today was indefensible.
  2. Today proves again that the only team in Scotland who can defeat Rangers are Rangers.
  3. Hearts are a shit football team. Bunch of hammerthrowers. Makes we wonder why Hagi wants to play in Scotland. They are kicking the shit of of him and the ref is a wanker.
  4. Porteous has a red card in him every game. All depends on whether the referee has the balls to call it.
  5. Basset is in no way a CB. He’s whiffing on headers for goodness sake.
  6. Sparta players have already started to go down like Father Kelly at an altar boys meeting, We do it to ourselves every time.
  7. Watching him waiting to bring down a peach of a diagonal pass off his cheat, you could see the fear in his eyes before it bounced off him.
  8. He seems to believe septic will give him time.
  9. Who has the imagination and speed of thought to see that pass, never mind the skill to pull it off?
  10. There’s nobody else in Scottish football who can do what Hagi does. Nobody. He had Livi pooping their pants from the time he walked in the field.
  11. Goldson’s passing tonight can only be described as pearls before swine.
  12. How many fecking games have we blown when we didn’t waste time and play out the clock. Benfica twice? Hamilton last year? Young Boys? St. Johnstone?
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