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  1. Nein! Join us as a comrade or be silent in the Copland. You've just lost your invite to the silent disco/sash bash
  2. Drilldo baggins and the big barrel of shitey shite
  3. Pish. We'll get at least Tree Fiddy
  4. Nah I'm only in it for a couple seconds thats as much as I'm saying 😅
  5. Okay can you posts screenshots of the game every few seconds for me and ill just listen.
  6. Good watch but his fuckin accent man 😅 watched with the Mrs and I don't think she caught a word 😅
  7. I mind at the first away game vs Berwick the 4 lads song had just started being sung and at Berwick it started being sung about 20 mins before the game even kicked off till about 10 mins in 😅 will be a great rendition tomorrow but it will take a lot to beat that
  8. They could easily say "fans boo players in every game there's no way to prove if one boo is racist from another." Honestly folk are delusional if they thought Sparta were going to get sanctioned over some booing
  9. "Scotlands gallant few" is a direct reference to the 4 Lads AKA the 4 horsemen of sectarianism
  10. They can hardly hand out a punishment over some booing what do people actually expect to happen?
  11. Pretty much the same takeover rumors that were said about us a while back
  12. Usually the Scottish football reddit is cancer but this is a great post on it
  13. People thought these cunts would stop if we stopped singing the Billy boys ffs now a decade later they're going after 4lads one of the most innocuous songs we sing. These bastards find out very existence offensive. 10 years ago they reveled in the thought of our potential demise yet some still don't believe there's an agenda against us. Hopefully the club can take legal action here its just slander now.
  14. Surely this logic means the Beach Boys should be arrested for inciting hatred?
  15. So now asking how many drinks someone has is a medical question? But a vaccine isn't a medical procedure?
  16. Its true but its a bit daft to say life is back to normal then compare attending a football match to jumping out of a plane
  17. The reasons i said in the post you quoted. Is sitting within 6 feet of maybe 5 strangers who are probably vaccinated for an hour and a half any less dangerous than touching a trolley and half a dozen fridge doors and some bananas that some manky unvaccinated tramps had their grotty wee riddled sausage fingers all over that pack of sausages you're taking home? Eh? Or do you live a normal life of sanitizing your hands every two seconds? And are cinema staff required to be vaccinated? Enjoy your popcorn mate
  18. Every time you open a fridge door in a supermarket someone touched it a few minutes before. The difference in risk here isn't even worth debating. Its absolutely miniscule and the whole scheme is a tool for blackmail
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