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  1. I think the English clubs support have a different mentality than us though
  2. I think it would be good to have more competition, would be a chance to really prove what we are as a club, and seeing us play decent teams every week and not just 11 men parking the bus would be refreshing, we might not win the league as much but every game would be exciting because we'd have 4 or 5 other clubs competing instead of just the taigs
  3. What do you mean by sanitised?
  4. Can't wait for the commemorative Nottingham Forest vs Rangers chocolate bars a 12 quid each
  5. Why do you think that would happen? We've played in a a different environment for the best part of the last decade
  6. Would be good to see us completely taking over English towns every other week If we were playing Newcastle on a Saturday at 3 you'd get loads of bears just hopping down on the train for a bevvy. Would be class Never gonnae happen tho
  7. I never ordered one cause it just looked like a chocolate bar with our badge slapped on, which is exactly what it is 😅
  8. Cunts buying a 7 quid bar of chocolate then coming on here to complain that they got ripped off 😅 The chocolate bars are quite cringe tho to be honest, its like when Disney bought star wars and announced the new movie and all of a sudden you could buy grapes and fuckin oranges with star wars on the packaging
  9. Would have preferred a Milky Bar Choo version
  10. He lives in Wymess Bay no surprise he's greetin
  11. Maybe he can donate one of his old Playstation controllers for us to put in the trophy room
  12. Aye Largs Thistle got to some final a few years back and it was played at Ibrox, most of the folk there had never been to a largs thisle game in their life
  13. Nah not interested, whats the point in playing in England if you don't get to play the big teams, were already at the top of a second rate league so why move from this one to another second rate league where we'd have more competition for Europe than we do now
  14. 120 quid back from a tenner bet. Yaaas, cheers Rangers
  15. SFA clearly trying to give us the advantage by placing the crossbar so low
  16. Ive got a tenner on 2-0 at 11/1 so will be happy if it stays like this but I also hope we go out in the second half and utterly humiliate these rancid bastardsl
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