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  1. Saw some clown on twitter having a meltdown the other week in response to our Back Where We Belong/Natural Order Restored statements and claiming it isn't where we belong because septic have dominated Scottish football since the 60's. From 1960 to 2010 we won 23 titles and they won 22. The 20 years prior to our relegation we won 13 and they won 7. That's some level of domination from them.
  2. What's the level below pub team? Genuinely one of the worst matches I've ever seen. No wonder we are miles ahead in the league when this is our competition. Has Gollum ever seen anything that isn't a freekick to septic?
  3. Don't forget Defoe vs Livingston.
  4. His treatment isn't solely down to the CO. The tarriers in the media go out of their way to ensure anything he does is the single talking point from our matches by showing replays or referencing it at least once per 60 seconds after it occurs. Then it's onto the handful of tarriers who have infested all levels of media to inflate it from something a bit clumsy or daft into a 110% undeniable red and he must be punished, and anyone else who tries to defend it should also be punished. Then finally over to Sportscene where the tarrier-TV employee makes it the main talking point of the entire show
  5. He has been cited for the successful deception of a match official where his team has gained an unfair advantage from deceiving the referee. If the referee had punished his dive during the game, he would be given a yellow for attempting to deceive the referee where no sporting advantage was gained.
  6. Clare Whyte's left the role of CO now, right? Is that why they're finally being cited for cheating after all these years?
  7. I think lowercase is for a goalless draw and uppercase for a scoring draw but aye probably.
  8. Hopefully the archives from this season will still be around in 30, 40, 50 years time. Otherwise we'll all be auld cunts trying to explain to a new generation of bears how bad Shane Duffy was and none of them will believe us.
  9. The media is this country are no more than an extension the paedo's PR team. I don't give a fuck what any of them have to say. They will congratulate us through gritted teeth but they will never acknowledge the magnitude of the achievement when it comes. We have heard from the media and all of those associated with Covid FC for years that they are not just miles or stratospheres ahead of us and everyone else, but lightyears - yet still every single victory for them is heralded as unprecedented and mythical levels of success. It seems to be lost on them that winning when you are the only h
  10. Apparently we hold the record with 22.2% of games remaining back in 1899 and 1900. 22.2% of 38 is 8.4. We would need to win the league with 9 games remaining to break the record and there is currently 12 games remaining in our season, meaning we would need to win the league within our next 3 games. Currently we are on course to win it in the next 6 games.
  11. Mind when this wasn't only not a red card and not retrospectively punished by the compliance officer, but the media's narrative for a whole afternoon was please don't ban him because he definitely didn't mean it and he's a poor wee soul. Then it was quickly forgotten about.
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