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  1. I wanted him to stay and I hate how he's dumped us to go chasing the money at a club as shite as Villa, but If we're honest we probably need some fresh ideas. 23 matches already this season and I can only think of 2 or 3 that we weren't absolutely rotten.
  2. How many of those 16 "off target" shots were goal bound efforts that were blocked by the foot, shin, knee or body of one of their 5 centre backs?
  3. At this point his best option would be to wait and sign a pre-contract imo. The amount of arse-licking this penalty merchant has received despite barely kicking a ball in the past 17 months is unbelievable. If he's (apparently) still valued at £20-25m with only 4 and a half months left until he can sign for free then I'm sure his next club will be happy to fork out on a bumper deal for him as they won't have the expense of any transfer fee on top of it. More money in his pockets.
  4. Booing the players for taking the knee is no benefit to us. It will accomplish nothing more than severely pissing off our players who are vitally important to our club and making our support look bad when the BBC run the highlights of it repeatedly all over the UK. I don't support taking the knee or BLM at all and I wish the kneeling would stop but our players on the pitch won't see your boo's as an anti-political/anti-BLM protest, they'll only see us as racists. It doesn't matter what your intent is. If you can't keep your mouth shut for 3 seconds then make sure you enter the stadium after kick off, then you won't have to deal with it.
  5. Likely each hour glass represents 5 years of time. There's 3 of them, which is the age of his victims. Popcorn teeth aka The man who fucked the 10. The wee nonce's gropy paedophile hands. You work it out.
  6. He thought he was playing RB and didn't want to handle the ball.
  7. Howe was looking for a guarantee that a horde of Orc's won't launch sharks at them and chase their team bus down the street after they get pumped in their first European qualifier. The board couldn't guarantee it, even with all the tarrier barrier's in the world. It's outwith their control.
  8. Got mine but I never received an email to say it was dispatched, just turned up. Looks brilliant. Delighted with it.
  9. Don't forget they started as The 10 In A Row Podcast but eventually had to change it - after weeks of refusal - when they were beaten by us and drew with Hibs and Livi.
  10. Sounds a bit like he's saying Goalfredo Morelos.
  11. They said 2nd half fatigue was an issue for them in the 1st leg. That would be a dangerous game for them to play with the possibility of this tie going to Extra Time. It is worrying. I was feeling more confident about this match when I thought he would be available. Hearing he won't play is a bit of a kick in the baws. We'll need a much stronger performance from our midfield if we're going to get anything tomorrow.
  12. Tbf that's one of the worst attempts at censoring I've ever seen.
  13. I got that. I mean his description of events are exactly what happened to Edouard. Left Scotland with a negative test to play for France U21's against Liechtenstein and Slovakia and tested positive immediately on arrival. Missed both France U21 games and then the subsequent old firm game. No other France U21 players or staff there tested negative.
  14. Isn't that Edouard's timeline when he went to France U21 duty? Tested Negative in Scotland then tested Positive immediately after arriving in France?
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