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  1. Wasn't aware of that, could be the cause. I know muscle tears can be sewn but don't know how well they heal. As mentioned it seems strange that an injury with such a short layoff could still be hampering him 6 years later, but who knows. I know Kipre injured his left knee, but I don't know which knee had the tear or which knee he is currently having to manage.
  2. Looks like he only missed 3 league games through a hip injury in 13/14 and another 3 in 14/15 from a knee injury, can't see any major injuries listed there? But he did miss the final 12 matches during 17/18 in his first season with us, after the Motherwell defender Kipre stomped on his knee. Edit: His knee injury in 2014 put him out for 22 days, his knee Injury with us in 2017 had him out for 145 days.
  3. Whatever team Benfica put out, it'll be a much stronger 11 than the part-time electricians from Sparta Prague's B-team who hammered them 4-1.
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