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  1. Did Ryan Kent actually mean he was going to shoot someone with his celebration, did Morelos actually mean he was going to slit someone’s throat? No of course not but everyone was in uproar about both of them, total hypocrisy, they were all going after both of them.
  2. Exactly, the media down south have given us far more credit than the tarriers cheerleaders up here. Makes it even better though seeing how much they fucking hates us winning
  3. When we win 55 I don’t think il give a fuck who’s there. I’d be happy for Ally to be there and the other 2 im not that bothered. I liked Warbarton at the start anyway and although Caixinha was shite he wasn’t a bad cunt. Same goes for Murty, McDowell, McCall and Nicol, be fine with all of them being there
  4. Buzzing for Saturday, just a shame we’re not going to be there to see it, sure we’ll be in by the end of the season and a proper party in Ibrox for 55. WATP
  5. Was a hero for me growing up. My wee brother got the Gaza haircut a few weeks after he signed
  6. Tony Vidmar, I’ll always remember that goal against Parma
  7. Think that was team Selection/tactics rather than over confidence that day
  8. Had a few beers when I wrote that but still not sure it’s over confidence, I think we have every reason to go into this game feeling confident, as long as we don’t get complacent I think a bit of confidence is a good thing.
  9. We’re going to do them On the 2nd and I can’t fucking wait for it, they fucking implode even more than they have, said it all along Lennon is the best thing to happen, the scumbag is a fucking car crash waiting to happen. WATP
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