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  1. I would play him before fashion all day long. The boy Lowry looks like a good one as well.
  2. better choice than Sakala. Speaks same Lingo as Alfie as well so maybe some better communication up front.
  3. Having watched the B game against Alloa i think Alegria would be a better choice than Sakala. Lowry looks interesting as well.
  4. Just watched it mate. His header was superb. He should be given a chance, no worse than roofe at the moment, he can finish. Lowry looks a player as well. Good point made in the commentary about loaning players out to lower divisions when they could get the same experience playing for the B team. Maybe to do with salary.
  5. finding it hard to pick out anyone tonight who played well. Cant draw your way to winning a league. Defence is a fucking shambles and we cant seem to put teams away. Every team will fancy their chances against us. Fucking scunnered.
  6. squinty bridge is open to pedestrians
  7. sakala is not worthy of one start never mind the two youve gave him
  8. Newcastle approached Asda for permission to speak to popcorn
  9. failed to pick up the wing whole game. Bacuna is not looking good. Shagger should have caught that Subs were just wrong.
  10. HR departments are the same mate. All waffle that no cunt believes.
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