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  1. Some fear he would have woken up with this morning switching on the phone 😄😄
  2. He looked an absolute machine before the injury. I wonder what happened.
  3. I'd play NP ahead of Tav who isn't match fit. Mcgregor Patterson, Helander, Goldson, Borna Kamara Davis Aribo Kent Morelos Hagi
  4. Borna will be sold this Summer. We'll miss his assists that's for sure. But we can replace him and be just as good.
  5. We need to be alot better for next week otherwise we'll get picked apart.
  6. To win next week, we'll need to be better in defence and midfield.
  7. You obviously just read the daily record ratings out of 10 and Sportscene. You're well off the pace here. He was poor at RB but he isn't a RB. He was very good at CB.
  8. Before his right back appearances (did well in Belgium and at home to Livi), he was solid and played really well. He was the reason we didn't concede on Jan 2nd. Last ditch tackles on Edouard. He has a winning mentality. It does make me worried that Goldson will be sold. I hope he's next to sign.
  9. Our club should get the finger out and have retro kits on sale.
  10. Bears who are selling fakes they are getting from DH Gate and other operators need a bashing.
  11. Record sport understands = we read a quote on the initial daily mail article and thought fuck we need to backtrack all our previous Eddie Howe articles.
  12. "There has been significant interest in Eddie from a number of clubs. However, talks of any deal being close are extremely premature. His plan remains to not return to management until the summer at the earliest." The sun and record were making up stories at the weekend saying the deal was done And announcement on Tuesday at the stock exchange, then they backtracked a bit. The record also said yesterday we were about to open talks with Tav. A few hours later, Rangers announce the deal and have been in discussion for some time. Anyone could be a journalist these days usin
  13. I thought the title suggested calling out a poster on here.
  14. A season nobody will ever forget
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