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  1. I think Kamara and Patterson will be the likely ones with Aribo.
  2. There is hospitality for this as well.
  3. I cant see much happening here. It'll be a few hush hush payments before it gets to the courts properly. But in reality the club should be shut down. The government and sfa would never allow it. They run the country unfortunately.
  4. I heard Walker say early in the game after the diver was on the ground "Kyogo does what he normally does....picks himself up and gets on with it" Embarrassing propaganda
  5. Does this cunt get photoshopped onto every video clip or is he actually doing this every game?
  6. It looks like the players agent is leaking this as we certainly wouldnt. I cant see this happening. More of a marketing ploy to get him into a bigger league.
  7. If we score first lets kill them off early. 7 points clear come on!
  8. He may not always be in the game but he creates assists eg v Morelos first goal last Thursday.
  9. King voted to take Park Junior off the board.
  10. Sheep could be 3-1 up with 5 mins to go and they'd still bottle it.
  11. Size of that shovel. Ban the cunts for the season from attending the games.
  12. Where do they finish in their group now?
  13. For anyone who's seen Weston, how close is he to getting on the bench for the first team?
  14. Bring Katic back in January or sign a replacement. Souttar short term?
  15. He seems comfortable and knows he will play most games. He has a new baby so no doubt less sleep is having an affect. However he is half the player he was ability wise.
  16. He's been average since December 2019. We won't get more than 5m for him in this form.
  17. Tav is shite at defending but he has at least 7 or 8 assists this season. So without him we'd be mid table.
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