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  1. ooooh im so afraid mind set your clock for school tomorrow incase you sleep in tit. riht going to bed as unlike you with plenty time on your hands im working tomorrow but more than happy to make a fool of you tomorrow so good night
  2. the guy hmmm or maybe not is a wee hide in the corner wanker hes sooo angry and shouty shouty but in reality a wee micro penis dick but to be fair that's not his fault .... maybe his dads but just speculating to be fair
  3. omg seriously ...hmmm ive quoted you again what you going to do, i know see below if you can manage to get your adolescent mouth out of your mums tit. and what you do with your cum sock is entirely your business
  4. oh dear the typical ramblings of a silly wee boy who likes saying retard and other no doubt offensive words, grow up
  5. the only person talking utter shite is you !!!! and to be honest you don't sound disappointed maybe that's the difference between you and me and to be honest you do sound fucking stupid. Did i say i blamed SG for Balogun for slipping, but not making any changers with 13 minutes to go wasnt clever and to be honest reading your ramblings you dont sound very clever
  6. wtf are you on about seriously that's for the manager to make but the players were dead on their feet if nothing else would have used minutes up or are you happy at a 2 goal lead being surrendered twice. ffs i love SG and he wil get us to the title and progress in europe but no subs was poor imo
  7. i agree but its still poor to lose goals so late and subs not being utilised
  8. I love SG but that's twice we have dropped points against them and really think subs would have made a difference even if slowing game down and putting fresh legs on . but onwards and upwards we will qualify
  9. GOAT imo seen him dismantle scotland at hampden in 79 Argentina won 3-1 but could have scored more, they and Maradona were clapped off the park. Still got the programme and match ticket
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