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  1. Feck them why should 2 haters be at Ibrox, about time we took the media on
  2. I've been watching Rangers since the 70s, he truly is a legend .In 1976 I sent a a picture of him from the shoot magazine to Ibrox with a return envelope stamped asking for his autograph on it, ,still have it , my proud and joy
  3. Couldn't agree more, in all of the time I've supported Rangers 2 legends come to mind, the greatest John Greig and Walter Smith
  4. make us laugh lol, still waiting a talentless mouthpiece
  5. absolutely agree ,that other lot would have. we need to be on the attack with that lot
  6. that's a positive , I defo think the team will get stronger the fact there is internationals playing is always going to be a positive in building up and gelling together
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