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  1. absolutely agree but the corrupt in charge will never allow it and I mean the 2 faced bastards uefa. Its all about the money and filling their pockets.
  2. oooft cracker , first goal for the bears and what a peach of a goal
  3. do this manky mob supporting scum players on Sunday Rangers 5-0
  4. Rangers v qos in 1950 in a 1-1 draw rutherford scoring for the bears
  5. Rangers v rapid vienna in a friendly in 1934 in a 3-3 draw, defo think if there was a european cup at that time we would have won it imo
  6. Rangers supporters in eintracht in 60, would love to know what drink that guys holding lol
  7. ffs his double and makes as much sense
  8. after seeing his performance today would still have played him ,a player with a gift for giving his all imo
  9. and why ? because they are tight bastards always have been always will. cheap boardroom mindset leads to cheap park, cheap players , leads to cheap scummy supporters who are so thick their being shafted up the ass and lets remember this mob has history of that and sweeping under the big humped carpet leading to paranoia which goes back to cheep bastards . And so it goes on a stain on our country community ...just scum
  10. brown the so called hard man being found out again, a career based on Rangers being out of the top flight , and the good thing is the mongles medals are tainted as history will eventually show and he knows it
  11. is that george young holding the trophy and a young eric caldow at the front ? great pictures matemate cant get over the first picture with the strip with the big R
  12. never knew about this friendly game played in 1956 1-1 draw with valencia, as far as i can find out Bobby Shearer scored the Rangers goal.
  13. makes you miss Ibrox Stadium great song
  14. put the racists scum in their place, thank you arsenal
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