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  1. We looked very comfortable tonight and it was never in doubt, I felt it was over after the first goal went in.

    Everything about the players was assured - the body language, the tackling, first time passing, more composure in and around the opposition box, and much more clinical looking. Carried ourselves with the confidence of winners.

    This needs to translate domestically - strolling it this evening but panic stations at Hibs is bizzare. I don’t understand it at all.

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  2. On 20/09/2020 at 14:23, steven33jackie said:

    Our midfield is the biggest issue we still lack a physical box to box midfielder and that was one of the biggest issues today. when games are flat you look to someone in the midfield to create a spark, make thirty yard run directly at the heart of the opposition or thunder into a 50/50. Our midfield today Kamara - Davis - Arfield there not that type of player and on top of that Davis was awful. Count how many times they pick up the ball 20 yards from goal and then either go backwards or side to side. At one point there  entire back three were on a yellow and not once did anybody look to make a direct run with ball at them. 

    Saw a good point being made about how when our forwards are off form, none of the rest of the team ever pops up and digs us out a hole.  We have three guys in the middle and not one will ever do the trick for us - I wonder how many points we could gain by having 1 or ideally 2 in there who can do that. From Jack, Davis, Kamara only one of them should be getting regular football. 

    We need someone with more dynamism in there. Kamara, Jack, Davis and Hagi all far too slow. A box to box player who would be buzzing about fucking everywhere when we are pushing desperately for a goal is what we should have - not the aforementioned three lurking about the halfway line shuffling the ball to the guy next to them.

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  3. I’m in the majority for all options it seems.

    But I don’t think he’ll get sacked this season regardless. Even if we end up trophyless the board will keep him, it has that feel to it. Add to that they’ve backed him and given him a lot of power/influence over the set up.

    When he goes he will walk. It will be for a mid table club in England when he realizes he can’t take us where we need to be and jumps to protect his reputation.

    Screaming into the camera at the piggery aside for one moment, he has no real loyalty to us when it comes down to it. His antics after the defeat at Tynecastle showed me that.

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  4. 36 minutes ago, Prso's headband said:

    Correct. Steven Gerrard wouldn’t have seen the start of April as Rangers manager without Coronavirus. 

    The board have gone all in for him and are behind him for the long term.

    They would’ve kept him even without covid imo.

  5. I’ve backed him the last two years but patience starting to run thin now. Our players aren’t aggressive enough and are overly controlled in their performance - the mentality is not right, it’s weak as fuck. We never throw the kitchen sink at it when we are down or really pile on the pressure and fight for everything.

    This all comes from the top. It’s no surprise he sits in the dug out with a petted lip looking bored as fuck. All the EPL managers direct play from their dugout. 

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  6. I’m quietly confident but keeping my powder dry as the team could go panic stations at any moment.

    We’ve improved yet again so far, here’s hoping we’ve had a big shift in mentality and it lasts the 38 games rather than 19.

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