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  1. Raging with him. He gets paid handsomely and we’ve been fantastic with him the whole way. Has the life of riley playing football for a living, he’s young with a bright future and all he needs to do is get his head down and keep busting a gut. Why wouldn’t he do that for the club, the fans, and just for the joy of playing.

    Acting like a right arse hole.

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  2. I’ve criticized Davis in the past but he’s miles better than Jack or Kamara, moves the ball much quicker and has a better range of pass.  Plays it into dangerous areas more often also. 

    Jack was poor today, upgrade very much needed there.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Laudrupsleftfoot said:

    I don't agree with rimbaud's post at you, but this 'keeps making the same mistakes' trope is rolled out every time we drop points.

    We had something like nearly 80% possession against Livingston, 25 odd shots and never really looked in danger at the other end. Just can't agree with the idea we drew that because of how we set up.

    The lions share of possession is a given and despite the amount of shots we didn’t create a huge amount of good chances.

    The set up and personnel choice is culpable in my opinion. Too many midfielders sitting deep and not moving the ball quickly or playing it into forward areas. 

  4. Guy has barely had a sniff needs more minutes. Try bringing him on at HT rather than the last 20, are half time subs a thing of the past in general now? Never see them anymore 

  5. 13 minutes ago, McKissock said:

    I thought Hagi was brutal yesterday but I'm surprised he wasn't tried further back in place of Jack. I don't think we would have lost much in the way of control of the game or balance.

    Going forward I think Hagi a bit further back is interesting, gives us more guile in the deeper areas and Hagi has looked lost so far this season so it’s not like we’d be missing much. Would also let us squeeze in another forward player like Roofe.

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