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  1. Huge opportunity for the team so early on to see how we cope at the summit. We couldn’t hack it last season.

    But as a fan I’m taking it one game at a time and enjoying being on top.

  2. 9 minutes ago, Cedrick said:

    I get people think jack or Kamara should sit but once they receive the ball there’s absolutely no reason why they can’t be positive ,

    here’s a clip of a title winning player that did the equivalent of what jack and Kamara is suppose to do , I have no doubt whatsoever if the ball broke to jack or Kamara like it breaks to Thomson it end up back at Goldson 


    Agreed it’s how neutral or negative they are in their play that’s a big part of the problem imo.

    If they sat deep but could drive forward and pass forward quickly to progress the play it wouldn’t be so bad.

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  3. 25 minutes ago, Creampuff said:

    This moan about the defensive midfielders only makes sense if you consider each position individually. Proper analysis needs to consider the impact of each position on one another. 

    Aribo basically played off the striker and Borna/Tav were essentially wingers. 

    You can’t do that and have a bunch of attacking players in the middle of the park. This is real football not Garth and his fucking team of the week.

    Tav and Barisic haven’t been playing as far up the park as people make out. Recently they haven’t been much more offensive than any teams full backs. 

    We definitely don’t need two players like Jack and Kamara sitting quite so deep and being quite so neutral in their play.

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  4. 33 minutes ago, Dave Hedgehog said:

    90% pass accuracy is phenomenal.

    Good teams own the ball.

    We need to keep it going, put pressure on the Nappy slashers.

    We’ve improved technically from last year - much fewer stray passes and it gets moved quicker.

  5. 2 minutes ago, esquire8 said:

    Jack, Davis, Kamara and Arfield will never win us a title from midfield. Pretty shite state of affairs.

    I’d keep Arfield on as a squad player - he can impact games as a sub quite well and has a decent amount of natural ability imo.

    2 quality centre mids needed ideally, I think everyone agrees on that now.

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