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  1. First Mirren player that stops him , has a chance in life.
  2. What a goal against Germany
  3. FFS, Hagi loves this club . He wants to improve here at a great club, in a very phisical game, against very packed defences. I've seen him since his pro debut and tbh, he is doing what the gaffer wants. He used to be more flamboyant and set to attack only mode but I bet that he was asked to pay more attention to the game and go to work even when the ball is lost. He has improved a lot since he got here mostly in the attitude dept.When I saw that tackle last game I couldn't help myself asking how would he react 2 yrs ago and I'm sure he would have rolled on the ground for minutes. I'm sure that he's a genuine guy cause he's doing the thing that he loves. He's not after money cause his dad is loaded ( 40 mil +) and his future father in law even more so. He's always had a winner mentality from his dad, his uncle, Gheorghe Popescu who was also Barcelona's captain, and he's not worried for future offers as he's closely related with some powerfull agents that are also influent with Mourinho, Sevilla and Galatasaray.
  4. Has symptoms as well. Bad news
  5. I agree but many could say that the monney diffrence isn't that grat between EL and Confference League. Plus IMO, we could have a rwal shot in reaching the semis in conff league. Anyway, an organisations such as Rangers must treat every competition like a must win. Last season we missed the cups and that must be a lesson learned.
  6. Aribo is a Jolly Joker. IMP he's all of the above but never as good at the forementioned positions as other players. The reason for him being in the first 11 is that he can often morph into various roles if needed. To be fair, the usual Rangers oponent is a squad worried by defending and closing down all attacking routes, so a versatile player like Aribo is usefull, especially when he's on a good day.
  7. FFS, Kent, Tav and maybe Goldson are just bored. They were expecting new clubs by this time and need to adjust to this reality. Patterson in for Tav , Wright for Kent and keep on walking.
  8. Really love Bassey. Great improvement since last season and on a fast lane to replace BB without regrets. Hagi good as I was expecting. Great change in attitude partialy due to his father's advice this summer and partialy due to the fans return. Morelos MOTM due to nthe goal and good to see him scoring on a basis again even if he'll probably leave soon.
  9. He did the nasty standing up last night so his back gave up
  10. FFS, Goldson, Tav , Barisic and all others with 3+ yrs under their belt , feel that their part is done. They won the title and now the cash should flow. Let's say goodbye and wish them well. We'll always have a place for them in our hearts. Morelos needs to go as well IMO
  11. The untouchables need to be dropped for a few games. Kent , Tav, Goldson, Aribo and Arfield have been shite. FFS, if you still have to play for this club before being sold, at least show some interest.
  12. A lot of our players have spent over 3 yrs and are looking for a move and it's hard to keep them motivated. They wanted the title and they got it but it's a mistake imo to not see this comming.
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