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  1. Manager really concerns me on his arse with no words FFS
  2. Never thought id say but McCoist is a prick, he and his so called legends can get to fuck.
  3. Refs must be on some Bonus via Kerrydale St, Hibs have kicked fuck out of us.
  4. The boy is getting better, keep him this season no matter, then goes for 20 plus, and medals in the hip.
  5. Hate list starts as follow, but hate them all reardless. NO ONE LIKES US WE DONT CARE. SELIK SHEEP UTD HIBS
  6. Guys is one of them, employed by us, who shat it against 10 men, then managed a semi final like Craig Levein would Scotland. Also ruined the Legacy of a Rangers Great and a loyal Servant. Fuck off Murty.
  7. Aye and played final in Manchester, quiet day out with plenty of Social distancing.
  8. Big wank Peter wants the trophy, told them if they played 30 games they would have more than Rangers 6 points
  9. Boy could become a Legend
  10. Closer than you know Get rid now
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