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  1. Just gets better everytime I see it, best Gers Goal I've ever seen, in all my 40 odd years, and any youtube video.
  2. Who gives a flying fxxk, we humped them, now let them hump each other. No reason that they cant be leaving Ibrox 2nd Jan 10 points behind, its in our hands.
  3. Thinking of my poor neighbours, bigotry from 8am this morning. Might just keep going, REVENGE is sweet.
  4. Marvellous footballer, pitty he had to leave, think he would be our Captain if not. Pitty the Legs are going, as there is still nobody who can dictate a game like him.
  5. Point is i believe he backs us along with only 2 or 3 others, with no fear or playing to the Producers. Unlike some who have sadly lost my respect.
  6. Every time i see or hear him speak, he is all about us. Don't think there has ever been a player who is not born and bred, ends up as a genuine Bear with no Agenda. LEGEND.
  7. Spot on, Player thee best Manager lets forgive. LEGEND
  8. We are the biggest and best supported club in Uk, being suppressed by cunning, jealous raskles
  9. Credit when due, iv been massive critic of he and others, to a man Goalies included, we are looking there or there abouts. Every position covered and the step up or step out attitude is working. SELIK at piggery cant come quick enough.
  10. Best day (scorcher) and night ever, boozer all day, had tin flute on in piggery, as it was our supporters bash in Edminston Club after, ended up in some party in West End, remember big Scott Wilson was there lol. Eventually got home Monday night, Mrs still reminds me now and then. Mate still has his seat from top tear in his maws hoose. Brilliant 🤣 Got even better humping them 1 nil for treble, weeks later.
  11. Manager really concerns me on his arse with no words FFS
  12. Never thought id say but McCoist is a prick, he and his so called legends can get to fuck.
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