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  1. Derek Johnstone 1978, Ibrox against Motherwell im sure, something telling me Thistle though.
  2. Been watching pish Internationals since last week Our very own Relic known as the National Stadium or Hampden, is right down there with all the so called 3rd world or Minnows shitholes. Defo worst in Uk, easily worst in civilised Europe. SFA and SNP should hang their heads in shame.
  3. Pricks being pricks fighting with pricks, pricks being pricks civer up reporting about Pricks Long and short still all Pricks
  4. Too true, 9 years of green buggered aid smashing up every corner of the land, sing and posting about anti western hatred, and all was talked about was Terry Munro. Fucking laughable lot of imposters.
  5. Time to get rid, reptiles are in power, by breeding like rabbits, and being brainwashed in the no go for anyone else schooling. Labour was their twisted arm choice for decades, then like a light switch, they all defected allegiance and votes, also ropped in minorities to the grand plan. Sumbags, Borderline Nazi's to the core.
  6. My hatred of these imposters and traitors just keeps growing. Stop buying the pish, stop voting for the reptiles, stop employing them, stop socialising with them. The bigoted, anti everything we cherish, even have there own schools, through choice.
  7. Still fucking buzzing, jungle jims well and truly put in ones place. Possibly one of the best atmospheres ever, even better with no traitors to our nation in sight. Me too mate, battered about the Copland like an 80s scud book But can wait for next one
  8. Me too mate, battered about the Copland like an 80s scud book But can wait for next one
  9. GODS HEAVEN was fucking rocking today, all i KNOW tonight is we humped SELIK today. RIP TERRY MUNRO, 2 N A ROW HERE WE GO. My hatred for them is more today but less than tomorrow.
  10. From the off right in their faces, aggression, passion and frankly being superior, will have them looking like they are going for 1st medical at the Pineapple
  11. To a man diabolical, better be hairdryers going off in there. Doubt it though Fucking dreading Sun, could start of another week from hell
  12. Best Captain in my 43 years going to Ibrox, got to be Gough, no drama just winning trophies. But was surrounded by captains.
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