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  1. Devastating, my 1st Captain too, remember the Cooper replay final, and also think he lifted League cup season after, when Ian Redford chipped McAalpine. Gave everything to our Club, before during and after being a player. RIP Skipper.
  2. Shagger, until he physically cant. Thought McLaghlin looked solid, last and this Season already. But there is no keeper on the British Isles who can do the unsavable like Greegs
  3. Think the best i remember him was 1986 skol cup final. Dominated the midfield against SELIK, if im right. Clearly clashed with Souness off the park sadly.
  4. Another who made me cringe on what iv said or thought previously. Guy is massive, crucial and essential to us now
  5. Why are we turning our backs on every tackle. This is poor, Arsenal will struggle to stay in Premiership this season but carving us a new hole at the back.
  6. Said to my Bro after 20 mins, missing the Buffalo big time. And really need a player who can burst the net from outside the box, more so for Europe. That aside, we are miles ahead of the unwashed.
  7. Stunning Blend of everything in one top Spent an oor on line, ordering my waines and grand waines the works. But I'll wait till extra comfort stretchy one is released. Really missed buying the lot over the Years.
  8. 1st full house will be a the unwashed Dungeon of Shame. SLUT will make sure we are last
  9. No reason why by the time we pump the unwashed and wooly unwashed at Xmas and new year, that our non tainted Title no 2 isnt in the bag. Pedophile wooly bum blasters can then go to Butlins for their Winter Break.
  10. As Souness said, no one likes us we don't care
  11. Just did, heart breaking One cause one Family
  12. Scum Wank being a scum wank
  13. Guaranteed the phased return will only get full return go ahead for us going to piggery or right after the unwashed leave Govan
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