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  1. No reason why by the time we pump the unwashed and wooly unwashed at Xmas and new year, that our non tainted Title no 2 isnt in the bag. Pedophile wooly bum blasters can then go to Butlins for their Winter Break.
  2. As Souness said, no one likes us we don't care
  3. Just did, heart breaking One cause one Family
  4. Scum Wank being a scum wank
  5. Guaranteed the phased return will only get full return go ahead for us going to piggery or right after the unwashed leave Govan
  6. Love listening to this guy he belts into the unwashed every opertunity
  7. Remember my mates old man telling us he and his mates flew oot to Spain in 3 peice suits, ties as wide as the clyde. Never been on a plane before, and nearly passing oot wa the heat when landed. Also telling me the Greasy Spanish cops sent gerry sheps into the Bears end, needless to say the Bears mauled the dugs 😅🤣
  8. Better get them to fuck for the Big Walk
  9. Remember it like was yesterday Amazing
  10. Will the Justice Minister squirm from another embarrassment. No doubts
  11. No surpise, Bears lift a Trophy, SELIK on their knees. Nation wide meltdown with Propaganda follows Nothing ever changes. Now I know why there is no Romans in my family.
  12. The guy is a terrorist, no ifs and buts. The Nazi Party must be driven out.
  13. Possibly the best Saturday of my life, mates and whole Family dancing and singing right into early hours. At point the whole street 1 unwashed family aside were belting out a wee Tina Turner number.
  14. Burst and easing myself into a wee bottle of Peroni 🥸
  15. Mate, my bro, mates and son an daughter were same. Took moments to sink in, then bedlam took over. Iv never ever enjoyed a trophy so much, we have beaten they fuds into a pulp
  16. Senfuckingsational We are rising, they are drowning What a day its going to be tomorrow
  17. Just changed my mind, best ever. Sorry Goalie
  18. Lol Might need to man up, partying starts at 5pm tonight 🥳🤯
  19. Going off the fucking Rails, Champers, Beers, Bourbon all at the ready for 11am. No one likes us we dont care.
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