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  1. Liked tav getting into the box, winning the header and forcing the keeper into a save in 2nd half. Some say last season a one off for him in terms of forward contributions but why does it need to be? Him getting forward was so effective especially early last season in league and Europe. Hasn't felt the same from him since the injury 2nd half last season. That was more like it.
  2. Can't think of him missing any sitters like morelos does, but can't think of many times where he has completely occupied a defence like morelos. Poznan away maybe best game?
  3. They were nothing like as effective as what we've heard about; fast start, high press, shot after shot, the new messi. Didn't happen. That was us without our most effective system (when in form) due to the covid issues and still a few players off-form. Feeling much better about the rest of the season. Hope we've got inside their heads. Hopefully a few of other teams analyse what nullified them and can stop being overran.
  4. Know he takes ages to get back to fitness but at the moment looks like a lethargic player from Pedro era, Herrera, Pena etc.
  5. I remember them running to the ball to stop us taking quick free kicks at every opportunity, the referee doing nothing and the place going mental.
  6. Again that club changing its story from believing we wanted to discuss the injury to the keeper to wanting to discuss the incident with Kudela.
  7. Thought this too. Why would there be a meeting about an injured player? It was a bad tackle that received a deserved red card. They gained the advantage from it and went on to win the game. What else would there be to discuss? This alongside covering your mouth to whisper "you're a fucking guy". What? What does that even mean? Two totally unconvincing lies. If we're bad losers why didn't we plan this for leverkusen or st mirren? Can't prove any of this stuff outright but slavia have just acted guilty at every turn.
  8. Again though parked bus is totally understandable for these teams 0-0 even 1 -0 down, hoping maybe to have a go last 10 for a draw. But when it's 2-0 and still parked bus? Is that it?
  9. Ah yes and the hatchet men moaning he was disrespectful, retaliating just because he tried to do something different to their kick and rush routines. Same kind of thing with David Templeton at those lower levels. Absolutely hacked off the park for those couple of years he was playing in lower divisions. Ruined a promising career really having looked decent at Hearts, playing well V Liverpool just before joining.
  10. Shota Averladze. As good a finisher as any Rangers have had. Very under appreciated in the way dzeko and giroud seem to be in their careers. Look at his career stats. Pretty amazing.
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