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  1. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by TheKingObv in OFFICIAL: Gio Appointed Manager   
    In fact all the pundits were making similar comments during half time. Mcinnes was the only one to take a step back during the conversation, probably because he realises management isn't some Hollywood movie where you give a rousing team talk to a bunch of players you haven't even met.
  2. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by hammer93 in Goldson   
    OK we are all pissed off with Goldson but at what point is creating a poisonous atmosphere going to serve purpose, we really need to get the new managers regime off to a flyer, get behind the team and try and get the feelgood factor going, last thing Gio needs is a situation spiralling out of control between players & fans, like it or lump it we need these players to get us through a tough set of fixtures, we need to still be top of the league by the next window or we will be pissing against the wind
  3. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by SwallowsHisOwnSpunk in Graeme Murty   
    Some of our fans go on and on about loyalty and commitment to Rangers and act like a little bitch when people leave us/don’t sign new contracts/don’t work out for us etc… giving absolutely horrendous abuse directed towards individuals for it.
    Yet when someone who has stayed with us stepped up during a mess of a time, who whilst never being anywhere near good enough still tried his best for the club finally does leave he receives disgusting needless abuse. They then howl to the moon when people (like Joe Worrall) comment on it.
    Its embarrassing you demand loyalty and respect but think that’s a one way street and give none back.
    Murty’s leaving it’s probably no great loss but how about stop acting like a fucking Ned, thank him for his service (if you can’t manage that just ignore it) and move on.
  4. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by Dickie in OFFICIAL: Gio Appointed Manager   
    Punctuation is shocking but excellent post.
  5. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by Essandoh in New Manager Thread - Poll Amended   
    See regardless of the last week, Rangers fans calling him “Slippy G” is cringey as fuck
  6. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by Junior Soprano in Steven Gerrard To Aston Villa - Official   
    Would rather have Steve Martin 
  7. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by Moody Blue Legend in RIP Sir Walter   
    Total respect, totally deserved.
  8. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by DBBTB in Ianis Hagi   
    I don’t get that logic tbh. If he put up good numbers in a shit team, surrounded by shit players, then surely logic would suggest that he put up even better numbers if he was playing in a better team against the same players he was facing week in, week out, the season before?
  9. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by ScottBF2 in Katic away to Hajduk Split on loan.   
    There is no player I want to succeed more than Katic at Rangers right now - he's worked hard even through a serious injury and deserves rewards from it.
  10. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by The Specky Liar in Itten to Bundesliga on Loan - Confirmed   
    Albeit mostly off the bench he still played 40 odd games, it's not as if he didn't have chances. He just didn't take his opportunities.
    Take Patterson, Wright and Bassey this season as an example, 3 players who aren't deemed as starters but have taken their chances when they've got them and are all now going to be considered for selection going forward.
  11. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by GersInCanada in Itten to Bundesliga on Loan - Confirmed   
    Loan deal is best for both parties. If he gets regular football in Germany then he just might get back into the Swiss squad which would add to his value.
    Win/win deal for both parties.
  12. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by Rangers_no1 in Itten to Bundesliga on Loan - Confirmed   
    Itten started 10 matches for us.
    Europe - Malmo A, Lech Poznan A and St Joseph's away. Performances in all three were pretty decent in my view.
    Cups - St Mirren A, Falkirk A - He was poor against St Mirren but Kent was much worse and Roofe was also poor. 
    League - The 5 mentioned above
    He came on and saved us twice vs Motherwell. 
    The Scotsman rated him an 8/10 at home to Kilmarnock in the 1-0 win, I thought his performance that day was good as well tbh.
    On the limited starts overall he did fine in my view.
    If we can get our money back or more(not sure what buy option is?) I wouldn't say it was a bad signing considering his impact in that Motherwell game was so important and he helped us get a win in Poland.
  13. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by RockwellGers in Itten to Bundesliga on Loan - Confirmed   
    I've got mixed feelings, now that he's away out I wish we had him in reserve, I've always been half expecting him to step it up to higher level. But, he's had the same chances as say Roofe who has definitely shown a lot more, thus far he's been underwhelming. I think a lot will depend on what we see from Sakala, will be watching Fashion Jr closely. 
  14. Amato liked a post in a topic by holdnudgehold in *****The Official CHAMPIONS vs scum Thread*****   
    They were nothing like as effective as what we've heard about; fast start, high press, shot after shot, the new messi. Didn't happen. That was us without our most effective system (when in form) due to the covid issues and still a few players off-form. Feeling much better about the rest of the season. Hope we've got inside their heads. Hopefully a few of other teams analyse what nullified them and can stop being overran.
  15. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by STEPPS BOY in Covid rumours - NOW CONFIRMED   
    @KingKirk is RM’s man on the ground.
    He spotted Brandon Barker and Andy Firth buying Toblerone in Duty Free.
  16. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by cr3_bear in Covid rumours - NOW CONFIRMED   
    Jimmy bell has turned up with a can you see us now shirt on , Union Jack shorts and socks combo and a pair of castore sandals to start the check in process 
  17. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by Laudrupsleftfoot in *****Official Dundee Hibs v The Champions Match Thread*****   
    Anyone else think Malmo and now Dundee United have looked a bit fitter than us?
    Both had a sharpness to winning second balls and making blocks. Barisic, Kent and Tav kept checking back rather than taking their man on.
    For me both defeats go back to how do we find ways to create clear chances against teams who are happy to flood their box with defenders. Both games reminiscent of when we struggled post the winter break the season before last. Have all the ball but don't get the break of it, struggle to create, teams defend for their lives then take their one or two only chances which for whatever reason we can't seem to do.
  18. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by euanRFC in Friendly v Thistle   
    Keevens is essentially saying that the supermarket shouldn’t have to pay the farmer for the steaks. 
    It’s the exact same logic 
  19. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by SwallowsHisOwnSpunk in Bruno Alves - Rangers man forever   
    Considering Alves was out injured for a while after that match it's pretty clear he was actually injured.
    But our fans love scapegoating a foreigner at the first opportunity as a "shitebag" when things aren't going our way. This forum was full of people justifying Murty's inclusion of Russell Martin and David Bates ahead of Cardoso and Alves because "they are Scottish and know the game up here/league" or other such bullshit.
    Both Alves and Cardoso could have been a success in a different time under a competent manager and surrounded by a team that wasn't completely dross.
  20. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by stevemac in them   
    What you on about? Flange had posters of urhoghide on his bedroom wall in Japan
  21. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by Rangers_no1 in Ondrej Kudela   
    Not sure why some are rewriting the two legs against Slavia like they completely dominated us, just not true.
    Leg 1 - Wonder strike and bar the McGregor wonder save from a corner they never created much. Their keeper had a cracking save from Kent and Goldson missed a free header as well.
    Leg 2 - McGregor should have saved their goal, we were dominating the play without creating much before and after the first red card. Second red destroyed us.
    Both sides struggled to create much and us missing Tav was huge. Slavia are a good side, but I think we could beat them over two legs and considering how pished we were before the first tie they couldn't beat us. Had Roofe not got sent off, match goes to ET IMHO.
  22. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by Valance1690 in Who goes in summer?   
    Not Aribo's biggest fan however putting him in that list of players seems a bit harsh
    Still incapable of playing in the middle of the park, would agree aye, in the same way if you put Roofe into midfield I think he'd be incapable of it also, it's not his or Aribo's best position 
    Hes been put there a lot this season due to Arfield/Jack's injury problems & Zungu being a complete dud.
  23. holdnudgehold liked a post in a topic by Number5 in Stopping the Tainted 10iar   
    Don't agree.
    There was a time and they'll be a time again, but I doubt without the last couple of years of financial gain from our run we'd be in position we are now.
    Champions league group stages or win cups next year?
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