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  1. If you’ve got an IPhone you can screen capture
  2. They’ve lost the fucking plot now. It’s not even Christmas and they want people shot.
  3. Convinced this a parody account. No one can be as fucking idiotic as some of his tweets.
  4. Fucking unreal. This shit is too fucking funny.
  5. celtic ask for a fixture date change. Hibs say no. celtic tweet at 1605 about the fixture change. Takes the SPFL until 1614 to announce fixture change. 🤔
  6. McKay off Garner on and move Kenny left. Windass to get 10 mins then replace with O'Halloran and move Tav more central
  7. McKay looks uninterested, off the pace and generally shite. So basically the same as all season.
  8. Every attack breaks down when Barrie Fucking McKay gets the ball. Been useless all season and shouldn't be anywhere need that pitch today.
  9. Happy with the team but interested to see how he sets it out. Pace on the bench with Doddo and O'Halloran to run at them late on. Into these bastards Rangers.
  10. Ajax, Copenhagen, Brugge or Hamilton, Ross County, Partick Thistle. Nae contest.
  11. This is the future for clubs like us. The money grabbing rich fuckers can keep their Champions League.
  12. They won't do anything to them. It is the individuals who have dodged the tax, not the club. HMRC will go after the individuals not Celtic. Yes it is obvious Celtic have advised players to use these schemes based on new signings taking them out days after signing but that is not evidence and unless something concrete is found nothing will done to the club.
  13. You right. Even with the recent ruling it is the individuals concerened that face the cost, not the club. Even if the club has advised them to do it HMRC will only go after the individuals the club havent done anything wrong in HMRC eyes. It needs to be the SFA/SPFL that take action and to do that you would need to prove beyond doubt that Celtic had advised signings to use this scheme.
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