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  1. oh fuk yer harry yer lou macari yer harry hood
  2. who needs a gaurd of dishouner from that mob fuk them watp
  3. who me saying i wanted gerrard gone pure lies
  4. aye well done young patter ==== son brilliant from the whole team
  5. fwank macavenie may go to the game to night as he heared about all the burds their mon the gers 2 0
  6. desmond was right they wull never get another manager like him ------ a drunk a clue less cunt . any way thanks for the laffs lenny ahahahahahah watp
  7. fuk a gaurd of disoner from em fuks ftp
  8. fukin brill dont go lenny ps any Rangers fans walking under bridges tonight be care full of falling bodies hahahaah watp
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