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  1. i would take broon then give him a free jist to piss him of lol
  2. fuk thank fuk we won half the peepil in hear are tims ama sure watp
  3. slapped by who you all i said was nice to see we alfie slappin broons head your no broons couzin are you lol dik
  4. ama thinkin hes trying to catch up way trav well dont big man
  5. wee alfies slap on broons head clasic
  6. hey furgertabout it we are wee are the peepli tony soparnoin fuk them
  7. fuk james bond gold finger we have gold=stein
  8. lets no get carried away with the result to day ahahaah fuk that ama going to get blotto ftp WATP
  9. i wish all they scum were all fit so their would be no excusez 3 0 to the famous
  10. duffy will pooh him self when kent runs at him 3 0 to the famous
  11. hope one of em haz the virus and sneezez wen their in the huddle 3 0 to the famous
  12. my uncle bob said he got a dry ride af her once
  13. their not missed penaltys their were penaltys saved big diff
  14. they will win the leeg no fukin way
  15. no you dougie ama talkin to num nuts =ie mr tim
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