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  1. Fair enjoyed that, still a big week for the Knicks but that’s a good display
  2. This game is totally there for the Knicks to win, be good for them to cement a play off spot with a big win like this
  3. D Rose is having an absolute McGregor/Davis of a season he’s rolled back the years been class since he joined the Knicks - very entertaining night of NBA so far, Heat Celtics was good - the Play In has been a brilliant addition it’s extended play off season, so many games meaning a lot this week
  4. I don’t think he will ever be considered, his stats are incredible though. It’s seemingly seen as accepted ever giving him it was wrong as well as he stat hunts, which seems incredibly harsh as they are outrageous stats even he hunts them I think it’s going to be Jokic this year, maybe Embiid - time missed is going to hurt most other candidates - Jockic has been sublime as well, his vision is a joke . .He is a bit like the Bergkamp of NBA he just does things that make you do that sort of laugh/awe of how ridiculous it is
  5. Even though he hunts stays at times to the detriment of his team, Westbrook is a monster when it comes a triple double 33-19-15 is mental, he was outstanding closing the game out as well class and huge games this week leading into the play in/play offs - Heat and celtic’s tonight could be class
  6. It was Cummings, he is OK new rules being tested in the rainbow cup The player who commits the foul is sent off for the whole game - the red only impacts on the game for 20 minutes after which time a replacement can be brought on Bennet was given a red for a mistimed tackle on Price when he caught him high and make head contact Kebble was given a red for a scuffle with Pyrgos when he ended up elbowing him.
  7. If it was a test tomorrow I would expect only Hoggy would start, but I don't think it will take much for Harris and possibly even Price and Watson to get in there. I think the others have work to do, but even being there is hell of a great. It is going to be good to actually give a shit about the Lions again.
  8. Played more games than McGregor across the season and in the league.
  9. McGregor has been excellent but I would be slightly irked if a keeper was to win our POTY, nor do I think he has actually saved us that often due to the quality of our defense. In the league he has had a lot of very quiet games. I think as much a case could have been made for Kent as him. Would go Davis, he is incredibly influential to the absolute control we have had over, pretty much all but a few games in the league.
  10. The mention of 7 million was for example sake, I don't think we will get anywhere close to 25 million for him though, BBC were reporting an expected drop in fees of 20-30% across the board, and plenty more other credible sources than the last few posts () are expecting the same, evidenced by January. The sport has projected losses of about 7.5 billion pounds, I think it's bit daft talking about transfers from before Covid, I appreciate Frimpong was not that but there is enough out there being reported to suggest the market will change, it is just common sense to think that will ha
  11. The transfer market has for the most part been driven by EPL money, the league has just had a collective loss of 500 million, I wouldn't be expecting fees we saw before Covid.
  12. Who knows what we will get TBH, at this moment in time there is a hell of a lot of guess work going on around re potential transfers, highly doubt the market will be where it was before Covid.
  13. Just reweight and change our style of play slightly to account for the strengths of the LB we do bring in surely? Barisic is great, been an excellent addition etc but we have lost better players than him and come out the other side of it stronger, wouldn't say we solely have to be hostage the skills he has. His assists and skills don't even have to be replaced by a LB either. Sell him for 7 million, sign a lesser LB for 1 million, or even just a slightly differently style of LB who can get in the box for instance and then spend 4 or 5 million on a midfielder who could bring 15 goa
  14. Fuck off @TamCoopz my posts aren’t for you ya freak 


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