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  1. Sparta.. Slavia are 8 points ahead of them
  2. I am "alrite" with that, it is shit watching most games in the house but watching us play Spurs, Arsenal or Man U the now knowing what it should be like would be pretty pish TBH
  3. Just while sticking the boot into them, they are FUCKED this summer, they might recover from it but this is going to cost them a fucking fortune to dig themselves out this hole. While their loans are mostly pish they need replaced, They have players like Eduard in horrible contract situations. A coach is going to have to come in and either have a huge reputation (££££) or be a cheaper option and see players fuck it off because they don't want to play for them. A manager like Martinez, How or Benitez even (I don't think it will be any of them) is a fucking huge gamble to
  4. The stock in their trebles and quadruples has hit the floor eh, it's a crashed market - the quivering lip you can feel in them reminisce about is just magical. All those years spent telling them how dead those titles were, how no one gave a fuck about them winning leagues against Aberdeen it's just finally now sinking in to them how shafted they have been by all of this, how tainted and empty it all was. All those years and all they have to look back on as a moment they genuinely enjoyed in all of this was a late Rogic winner in a Cup Final Tragic cunts....
  5. If a side like Ajax is spending 20 million on a player like Haller during Covid and West Ham then spend that fee on a player like Benrahma yer fucking right we are making 20 million (at least) for him when we sell.... EPL sides will feasibly be back to playing in full stadia against next year and still have huge prize money on offer and the need to stay in the EPL will be greater than ever to most sides in the league. There are about 14 managers in the EPL watching him play last night thinking he could be a 8/10 swing to them, that's huge and Rangers will know that
  6. fucking annoying that we have really only had a shit 5 minutes all season and it really cost us.
  7. I would say he is quite comfortably the most important signing we have made in my time following us, surpassed players like Laudrup**, Gascogine any addition Smith, McLeish or Advocaat made in terms of just how far he has helped move the club forward from where we were when he arrived. He has been to us what Larsson was to them. **not saying he is a better player
  8. Easy to get carried away but if we get in the CL I just can't see us being one of the teams who get dicked by the likes of PSG and Bayern and just look out their depth, if we keep most of this side together I think we would be a horrible, horrible team to play against even at that level....fuck it. where is the CL Final next year.
  9. They need goals to be fair, Hagi is class at turning a team around who are chasing a game and getting them heading back towards their own goal (see celtic game when he was brought on)
  10. Aye, aye that's what you were talking about aye. You are oot your tits
  11. Totally different... you are wanting to take a shot gun to our own foot..
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