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  1. legit burst out laughing when I read this.
  2. Harris was excellent aye Sutherland and Harris have a good chance, Price the bench maybe, but I do think most of their stock is lower than it was. I think some of the wings are playing too well in other areas and will get a game before VDM - Watson, Adams - maybe goes Williams at fullback and Daly as a more flexible bench option, not convinced Hogg features first test now
  3. So daft from Fagerson man, can’t believe he still does stuff like that, he was carrying up and scrumming well enough I would rather Watson (H) started but Curry was pretty immense, can only see Mish starting if they go with 2 7’s but can’t see Gatland doing that.
  4. Fair fucked up a few Scottish players chances that game, hard to see that many changes when it comes to the first SA game.
  5. This, this is what a class game looks like.
  6. Not that envious of 18,000 either TBH, still a pretty shite crowd even in the current "midst of the pandemic"
  7. given the kick off times of the two games there isn't any issues with staggering fans arrival and exit at both stadiums even if stress and strain on transport links is being used as an excuse. the reasoning for number of people on the concourse that has been spoken about is a fucking joke as well.
  8. A load of shite gets spoken about travel to grounds and volumes on the concourse being an issue which is fucking hilarious given a concourse has folk on it in volumes for far less time than a shopping center like Livvy which is fucking heaving all day Saturday and Sunday
  9. does to me, and that is what matters in the modern media world, I can make my own content.
  10. It is my answer, neither wonder the club want to charge folk for pish like this TBH.
  11. doesn't make any difference to me who takes pictures of Rangers players or not
  12. all cheeks of the same shitey arse IMO.
  13. grand, so it doesn't matter a fuck they are there or not. it would still be there.... you are creating a false opposition proposing that will go away. rarely
  14. but not the actual club, people don't support Rangers because of sites like RangersNews....think you are overreaching what the profession is a bit, such sites exist because of Rangers, not the other way around. RE The Lakers, new content etc The same way I do now, it is modern world, easy enough to engage and interact with fans online these days and find out club news, use resources and outlets I find of use, there are plenty of them these days. Fans can create their own "media" and news outlets and do that without any "official club news" or a press lanyard. The majority of news the actual Lakers release (like most sports teams and I include Rangers) is pish if I am being honest, it is typically fan media which drives chat I find interesting, and it is fans who don't have access (or need access) to press conferences or games, so it makes no difference to me where they report it from. The notion ALL engagement is going behind a paywall is also a bit far fetched TBH, that is bit reaching to try and make it look like the club are just going to shit on all fan engagement new, or old and they quite clearly are not. There are very few journalists who have covered Rangers over the years I have given much of a fuck for, I will manage on OK without reading random opinion pieces from them if they are kept out the club, self proclaimed experts, It's a dying profession I am afraid, folks just don't place journalists on much a pedestal these days, more so with sport, I don't need to be told how to think about Rangers by someone like Hugh Keevins anymore so couldn't really care less if he has to pay to get access to the club.
  15. to the point in bold you are only kidding yourself with the second point I enjoy NBA, I like teams like the LA Lakers, the thing I know first is of the LA Lakers not LA Lakers news websites.
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