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  1. I would have though residents of Dundee were immune to it, they cunts surely face exposure to far more deadly and contagious disease on a daily basis.
  2. He's so clever on a football pitch. There is just logic in just about everything he does, his press is always spot on, his run choice is just decent. This is a really small thing but it annoys the fuck out of me when Alex Rae calls him Scotty, that is about as far as my critique of him gets.
  3. Thought he was outstanding, some of the comments on this thread..... Could see him getting another season no bother.
  4. We have went from a team who were incredibly patchy and very reliant on one player to a team who in many ways looks like they have forgot what it is like to loose a game of football. We now have goals spread across the team and people think that isn't a conscious choice and tactical instruction... His ability to adapt to new demands this season has been fucking outstanding.
  5. Class, didn't know. I just had a swatch at the Liverpool v PSG game play the now, game feels completely different, class
  6. Does the XBox X-PS5 update go live at midnight? Based on the XBox X server speeds it will take about 3 days to download.
  7. He is playing like that aye, playing like he wants a move to Bayern
  8. I suppose you could question how "decent" someone like Silva is but I doubt someone like him watched that yesterday and really gave a shit to be honest. I think football fans can have a tendency to overstate situations a bit and think players and managers will look at them in the worst case scenario. A lot of managers would look at it and not be that bothered by that yesterday and would be more inclined to look at the 500k plus contract on offer. There is no danger celtic are bringing in Stubbs or Mackay just now if they do make a change.
  9. The news about his legends contract was pretty widely reported, he is always going to be closely linked to the company. even after The Last Ride DOC and his "leaving night" there is so much mileage left in him with them and them with him. His cameo profile is utterly drenched in mention of him being a WWE star, he is also Mark Vince's lifelong pal he will get a bit more leeway than the likes of Paige, likely seen he has earned the right to make some coin for himself while also giving WWE a wee % of it.
  10. I don't buy into the whole a manager wouldn't want to join them thing, they would, loads would, a lot of people are out of work etc and would see it as a chance to enhance their reputation. The issue for them is their board simply couldn't have seen this coming. I can see them hanging it out and hanging it out and looking for a candidate, they have then waited until it has maybe got away from them and then trying to use Lennon and boot a lot of the squad and claim them all as wasters as Collateral Damage to keep their own place in tact.
  11. He signed a 15 year legends contract earlier this year. I highly doubt he will ever reach a place where he wants nothing to do with the company.
  12. All of it, every single bit of it, the wearing shades on the park, the scarfs around the post, the police hats, not one single bit of it will be worth a fuck to them if the season ends how it should....fucking glorious. It will be tainted with utter shite to them, not one of them will be able to bring themselves to go back and watch any of those moments without turning red with seethe at the site of Broony and Co.... guffaw guffaw
  13. Hypothetically, in their best case scenario, If celtic moved on Lennon tonight and got Eddie Howe in say, do they still have him come the end of the season.... they are two shit results away from a meltdown this season no matter who is in charge.
  14. This is all ending with Lennon, Lawell, Brown and to a lesser extent Griffiths being turned on and hated by their fans, which is pleasing as fuck really. For what it is worth, I don't think they will sack Lennon until about April.
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