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  1. If sakala, itten or any other striker had a game as wasteful as that we’d be writing them off as dreadful. That was shocking finishing. I know he often contributes in other ways, but he should have been hooked by the hour. Can only assume SG sees him as his best chance of a big transfer fund top up and is desperate for him to score in order for that to happen. He can’t possibly think his performance was good enough to keep him on today.
  2. First swede to score for us in an old firm since Thern or am I forgetting someone?
  3. Alfie for sakala please. Better suited to counter attack which is going to happen more now.
  4. I think it’s simply a matter that we and the board expected one of the top players to go for 15m and it hasn’t happened yet. Then the building progress recommences…
  5. Balogun has been like a brick wall to their new messiah so far. Eduard just devalued himself and looks a donkey. McGregor should be on a yellow but I guess it’s the normal celtic captain privilege. Helander has been immense. Just need it to click for the forward guys. Neither team causing big problems for the keepers though so first goal is huge.
  6. My theory is we have a full squad and manager and are just playing mind games…
  7. Jealous, not gone for 2 days. Maybe I'm just super confident.
  8. Two poor goals, but we can still do this. There is enough time, 10 men, packed home crowd, no excuses!
  9. I met Jonas Thern a couple of weeks ago and chatted about his time at the club for about 30 mins. Really nice guy. It was before this draw so didn’t talk about Malmö. He was just reminiscing on the players he played with at the time (last year of Walter and first year of advocaat so a hell of a list of players). Some of his stories were amazing. Of course I thanked him for THAT goal against celtic. He said he knew the instant it left his foot it was going in. Despite his injury troubles he really enjoyed his time at the club and said he was proud to have worn the shirt.
  10. Some good logic for going with Beale when the time comes, but there would be a huge change in how keen some footballers would be to sign for us. Everyone knows and respects Gerard and he alone is the major reason some of our signings are even here. With Beale, as good as he is, not many people would have a clue who he is.
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