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  1. I think the moral of this for me is that the main delivery from the manager is continuous year on year improvement. While we all want trophies, that’s not necessarily the best way of judging a manager, especially in the short term when some rebuilding is needed. SG has delivered a big improvement in performance and quality each year. When you do that then it’s inevitable that trophies will follow, but more important is that domestic dominance is more likely to follow. I don’t want 1 isolated trophy delivered quickly and then nothing for a long time, a sacking, start again. I’d rather
  2. I absolutely knew Borna was not going to score that pen. Knew it. Turns out I know fuck all.
  3. I would think most of the strong conversations will be had in private, not publicly. The club are smart enough to not give them even more ammo so they can cite and punish the club even further. Play the long game. Especially this season.
  4. Great Post. And to express it a different way, if my mental arithmetic is right.... Over 1% of the fouls we make end up getting punished further by a compliance officer compared to the average for all other teams of around 0.03%. Or another way to say: our fouls are more than 30 times more likely to receive retrospective punishment. That is fucking outrageous!!
  5. The ref saw it and booked him so presumably that’s it over with?
  6. It’s ridiculous. Like they darent challenge for 2nd. No matter how shite the scum are, Aberdeen just chuck as many points. But in a way it’s in our interests for it not to get too bad for Lennon or he may lose his job. If he is around next season then the league is ours. Its great watching them suffer, but like an asphyxi-wank you don’t want to push it too far no matter how good it is 😂
  7. Aribo and Kent’s decision to play with no studs is not paying off.
  8. Mine are like Ross County’s score sheet. Absolutely soiled.
  9. Just noticed these fuckers are playing both Wednesdays but not at the weekend? Do they not need to prioritise getting their 3 games played or have I missed something, which is entirely possible, but would still class them as fuckers regardless?
  10. Think this whole thread is harsh. Not only has he not had many long runs of games, he is now occupying a position that doesn’t suit him purely because of injuries to other midfielders. He should be playing further up the pitch but is currently required to try and do a job until jack and airfield are back. Fantastic ball control, quick feet, runs at people... but he is a young lad and still needs to develop parts of his game. But let’s not judge him when playing a position that doesn’t suit him.
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