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  1. How he managed a team of good players, not great players to a European Final in 2008, shows just how brilliant a manager he was
  2. He is the very definition of Rangers for me
  3. When’s the last time you had granny’s organic chicken soup and came home with a blood clot or myocarditis
  4. Isn’t it hilarious that the only people scared of the virus are the vaccinated. 3 shots and they still are worried…..maybe just stay home
  5. 600,000 people across Scotland set to be banned from football and events https://www.nationalworld.com/health/coronavirus/vaccine-passports-600000-set-to-be-excluded-from-venues-when-scottish-law-comes-into-force-3401118
  6. 2010 equality act. It’s illegal for anyone to ask you to prove your exemption https://www.gov.uk/guidance/equality-act-2010-guidance
  7. No they can’t lol 2010 equality act. They would be fined. You don’t really know your stuff do you
  8. Hearts are still enforcing vaccine only this weekend. A work colleague who is a season ticket holder emailed asking for a refund because he isn’t doubled jabbed and they just said no as per terms and conditions
  9. That’s lies, The vaccinated are not threatened at all by the unvaccinated. if your 3 vaccines don’t work then that’s your fault for getting them. vaccinated can still catch and pass on the virus
  10. Looks like my threat of legal action scared a good few. SNP backtracking. Hopefully Rangers passed my message onto them. if they try and bring it in on the 18th, I’ll be sending another email
  11. Do you honestly think I would be this pissed off if I didn’t go to the games
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