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  1. Eyes in the back of he heid.
  2. One of the Standard players picked up a red card in their game tonight, every bit helps , he was a starter.
  3. They should have played the Duffer....Bwwaaaaaaahaaaaaheeee. 4-1 Cheer up Neil Lennon oh what can it mean.................................................
  4. But, but they turned the corner last month.
  5. Yaaaaaaasssssss 3-1. The old sucker punch. Bheastenders are fucked now.
  6. That Sparta goalie is a bombscare.
  7. 1-1 Captain Pylon doing some kind of knees up . Tim defense like statues.
  8. Weather looks decent in Glasgow tonight, at least it won't be a monsoon like the last two games. Perfect for Ryan Kent to run amok. Let's Go.
  9. That's a cracking team but Arfield has been great, maybe sneak him in and hope the ref misses it
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