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  1. A fit James Forrest would've won that for them tonight.
  2. Killie, just because they seem to think they're our bogey team, and because Kirk Broadfoot is a prick.
  3. Never felt at any point we'd get beat tonight. That's the difference these days.
  4. Guy was away for a jobby for our handball shout.
  5. Aye, he made an amateur dramatic meal of it, but there was still contact.
  6. Which is why I said 'soft as fuck' But we all know how these things can go with European referees and we've seen it many times before. Any contact and it's a penalty. Davis was careless.
  7. The extra minutes shouldn't have been a problem for us, we should have still managed the game. And aye, the penalty was soft as fuck, but Davis did kick him.
  8. Maybe if they priced their merchandise so that the average family with 2/3 kids could afford to buy it all then people might not turn to the fake stuff. Official football merchandise has always been massively overpriced.
  9. RM's favourite lumberjack has gone tonto again I see. A few folk will be seeing the wrong side of his snooker cue at this rate.
  10. I wish you had stuck to those plans mate.
  11. @pollok-bear Just to clarify for you, the word reciprocate means that you do the same thing back. Get your carer to take a picture of you.
  12. He doesn't charge for them to be fair.
  13. Can someone PM me a picture of @The Dude so I can verify his level of ugliness?
  14. Always makes me laugh when I see the match sponsor is NordVPN.
  15. Genuinely don't think we've ever scored as a result of a short corner. They should be banned.
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