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  1. I'm guessing just the chance of getting knocked back will spook a sizeable amount of folk to go get vaccinated that may not have done so otherwise, so from a government point of view it's still a win.
  2. Take a wee fake moustache and a pair of specs with you just in case. Maybe practise a few different accents.
  3. Spot checks mate. If you don't make it through 1 turnstile then just try another. It's not the Korean border we're talking about here, you'll get in.
  4. Yes, but the problem isn't just in one section and overall it's the same number of turnstiles that there's always been, and there's been enough games for folk to work out how their smartcard works, so why are the queues still so bad? Is it people with QR codes fucking about with their phones at the turnstile trying to get it working?
  5. What is the actual reason behind all the queues? Are people struggling with the new scanners or something?
  6. I'd also start breathalysing fans and not letting them in if they're over the limit. Nothing worse than sitting next to some booze soaked slevvering jakey who constantly tries to talk to you during the game.
  7. Easy to say when you live in Tajikistan.
  8. Is there room for more than 1 in your Internet cupboard?
  9. Yes, but they can still refuse to let you in.
  10. Let's not encourage him to post in the thread by quoting or mentioning him.
  11. This is English based advice, so not really that interesting.
  12. What's got 2 full stops and won't be getting into Ibrox? @.Williamson.
  13. Thread will be a shambles by page 2, then locked by page 3.
  14. His hold up play when he first joined was immense, the ball just seemed to be glued to his feet at times. These days his hold up play is mostly pish.
  15. Yes, but I bet it doesn't bring up your name and address that can then be cross verified with another form of ID? Believe me, most venues will be doing manual checks and it'll be as casual as fuck. No way they're scanning 50,000 QR cides at Ibrox.
  16. They're not going to link venue systems with NHS systems, and even if this is what they are aiming for venues are not going to be able to get the IT systems in place by the end of the month. It'll be a manual check, at least for a while. .
  17. No, because not everyone has a smartphone.
  18. In all honesty mate, you could probably flash your council tax bill at them and they'll just wave you on. Scrutiny will be at a minimum.
  19. As usual the SNP wanted to do their own thing. It's been promised by the end of the month but it's guaranteed to be a shambles.
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