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  1. FFS, their seems to be plenty getting their names in the media or on social media bending over and supporting the fuckin racist bigoted tramp, Fuck him, he reaps what he sows.... !
  2. UEFA, are not fit for purpose !
  3. Great run out for a lot of our players, decent game and we got the result, bring on the scum.
  4. His Lawyer is Aamer Anwar, so it could mean absolutely anything ! I don't think he has ever won a case .
  5. Agree, in fact the majority of this title winning team would both be a huge loss if they go, but they will all both the club some decent money, and that's imortant as well.
  6. He's a fantastic signing no doubt about that, but pound for pound Glen Kamara will blow his potential fee out the water if and when he goes, Alfredo will make more money that's for sure but for value for money Kamara will top them all. He cost 20 times less than Alfie.
  7. DaFuck I nearly bought a MyGers membership there !!
  8. The SFA are indeed a joke and I. and I'm sure many others will be using alternative means of viewing the fixture
  9. Sadly it's the benefits to him that could be the clincher, massive signing on fee, massive raise in the pay poke, playing in a better league. depends what his advisors tell him !! and for sure they will tell him to take the money.
  10. Never knew that.. never even knew UEFA had an ethics committee.
  11. The silence from UEFA is deafening !!
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