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  1. Going against the FF power mad Mod's is not allowed, the amount of threads/posts that get chopped for no apparent reason or against the thoughts of their super mods is ridiculous. They banned me a couple of years ago and I've never went back.
  2. Looks like he has lost interest or is working his ticket. Perhaps he doesn't understand playing like shite is not the way impress Gio or even to get a high value move .
  3. Pictures of soap should do the trick!
  4. Showing my age but Jim Baxter nails it for me.
  5. Hope you and the family get well soon, sadly the cases seem to be ramping up.
  6. I personally prefer to sit but that is only because of my mobility issues, I loved standing in the past and supported standing in the poll
  7. He's not wrong it was a difficult time during John Greigs tenure We were not at our best and he managed 288 games which we only won 150
  8. I think the board will announce GVB today or tomorrow.
  9. I think or at least I hope that will have changed in the last hour !
  10. FFS this thread is bad enough without McInnes being mentioned.
  11. I think some people are forgetting that some in our support were injured by the Scum throwing pyrotechnics. As someone who sits in the West Enclosure I much prefer to see and hear the Union Bears amongst a sea of blue.
  12. RIP Walter, you will never be forgotten.
  13. And an extremely large wad of cash in his back pocket !
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