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  1. im not johnlima but I know why hes here. one of your mates visit Benfica forum one of these days and show your forum, thats the reason there are Benfica fellows here. Btw in Benfica forum there are many foreign users of diferent clubs throughout Europe and the world,of course the vast majority is portuguese but there is space for other fans too, unless it was a Porto or Sporting fan. But I understand your point.
  2. se queremos ser candidatos a vencer a liga europa não podemos temer um jogo na Escócia. e o nosso investimento em comparação com eles diz tudo. O Rangers tem uma equipa interessante, nada a ver com os ultimos anos, este ano diria que são melhores que o celtic e podem ser campeões, mas o Benfica tem mais matéria prima. Isso é indiscutivel. Se há coisa que este empate tem de positivo é a moral que dá à equipa para o próximo jogo com o Braga, esse sim verdadeiramente importante para manter a vantagem para os porkos.
  3. sim. tbm achei q tava fora de jogo no momento do vermelho. se houvesse var tinha sido retirado e o jogo teria sido diferente. independente disso não desculpa o desnorte total da nossa parte.
  4. let's see. btw, I think Rangers defenders are good compared to ours. Just can't with Darwin and Rafa.
  5. se alguém teve um mau resultado foi o Benfica... acabou por ser bom dado as circunstâncias. lá ganhamos e ficamos com o primeiro lugar
  6. pelos vistos aqui os escoceses são desconfiados pra crl se visitassem o SB saberiam o q são trolls, bots e infiltras a sério 😂
  7. not worse than the fuckin old Jardel or the kiddy iron man believe me
  8. I think Rangers do exactly what is supposed to do against Benfica, after that red card it was a shity show by Benfica defense and Rangers could easily humiliate. Of course, Benfica have some great players like Darwin and get a final draw. But if someone needs to win this at home that one is Benfica. Rangers get a point away and will play next matchday at home and the fight for first place goes on. Not a decisive katch by the way, both will pass through next round.
  9. Disgraceful? If you think that imagine how a Benfica fan feels about tonight's match where we easily could have been humiliated... I think you do what is suposed to do against us... we're still very permisive defensively and after that red card it was a disaster for us,despite the final draw.
  10. I can help you with that. About Rangers: "We're going to find our big opponent on this group. The strongest opponent we've eccountered til now. I know this team well, last year faced FC Porto and SC Braga. It has an interesting game system, very dynamic, similar to Liverpool, always plays with the same idea of winning, home or away. It will be a difficult task to Benfica, but it will also be difficult for Rangers. We want to perform well, like we did against Standard, knowing that Rangers is a stronger opponent."
  11. you got straight to the point. Traditionally Benfica always had attacking teams, but Jesus offers an even more ofensive playing style and that makes our defense look vulnerable sometimes. Adding the fact our center backs are both old and our defensive flanks are the most attacking ones that I know lol I really think that's the way you can win it and put us in real danger.
  12. man, I say hes better than Mourinho at this moment and believe me Its a very current opinion in Portugal, home of both. Everybody knows Mourinho's career and outside Portugal and Brazil few people know about Jesus. Mourinho is a lot more about training, unity and mindset, Jesus is a much more romantical manager. Yesterday was a strange day for us... if we play another 10 times against them, we win at least 7 or 8. No arrogance, it is just the way it is.
  13. in Benfica we have an issue with the right and left backs for years.
  14. yes. they're absolute regulars on the right and left back, but it is also our weakest position. Grimaldo is faster than Tavares but less strong and defensively hes not that safe, in Poznan their goals have some of his fault. André Almeida used to be the captain but it is more about years in the club than anything else. We dont see much about Gilberto but I realy dont dislike his first game... yesterday was a different story but lets have some hope on him, because Almeida's injury is a serious one.
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