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  1. im guessing you just listened the youtube clip on the show he really makes an arse of himself
  2. nope listen to it he ended up disappearing
  3. ive never funded the BBC in my life the fact my avatar is a character from a bbc show is neither here nor there when funding those people
  4. no it was to make a joke about the idiotic post you made about me again im not the one on this thread defending the BBC i have scruples
  5. yes thats twice youve pointed that out i also pointed out he was a character from the 90s 30 fucking years ago (im guessing before you where born) i should also point out that unlike you i dont defend and aid a company that hates britian and Rangers and also was one of the worst peadophile rings in Britain
  6. ive never told them i dont think whenever i get a letter into the bin it goes ive been in this flat for 7 years now and have never had any of them at my door dont give them a penny
  7. i think they are more wierdos as a wee aside i meant i dont watch scheduled tv there are certain sites that have fantastic shows that i watch
  8. so you dont watch tv other than the Biased Bigoted Corporation that covered up and enabled a peadophile ring that lasted decades and you gladly put money into it every year and still defend it where are your scruples
  9. now you are just being a prick just because you watch it doesnt mean everyone else does there is not one show on it that interests me i'll go one better i rarely watch tv at all prick
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