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  1. when that started i thought ' oh fuck' but that was a good laugh
  2. stolen from FF oh how i wish they actually tried to take it to court
  3. any one else after what he done with them would keep his head down but that soap dodgers prick is such an egoist he believes it was all other peoples fault and cant keep out the limelight i see now even this board has shat itself and gone down the FF route of filtering certain words so some people dont get upset
  4. yup im fairly sure he did the first two that popped into my head was goram and klos i dare say its been done many a time because of the weather
  5. i said as such a couple of hundred pages back but was shot down as hes well liked on here
  6. and then theres this fanny who doesnt think before he opens his mouth
  7. im embarrassed he played for us the best thing he ever did in a blue shirt was score for raith rovers
  8. sellic ..right .shares...right board out..right edourad..right john kennedy..right
  9. this guy is a real life rab c nesbitt
  10. just looked at the time its only half six
  11. bring on the HGV that would be the icing on the cake
  12. this guy slebbers more than st bernard with a winegum in its mouth
  13. just going to leave this here spewing they are spewing https://play.acast.com/s/bdc40f50-c47d-406a-9f84-be50cf1d8f39/urn%3Abbc%3Apodcast%3Ap09qq8b7
  14. excuse me that is a person, yes he may be Greek but he does have feelings and we shouldnt bully him he gets enough of that from his own fans
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