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  1. aye the guardians have been getting good reviews and i just saw that sony has updated its patent on having backward compatibility on it so it looks like we will be able to play our old favourites on it
  2. yup back then you could actually be good pals with one or two of them but what happened in and after 2012 showed them and the rest of scottish football in its true light
  3. answered above and the suspended player played less than two minutes at the end of the game but sellic still had the gall to appeal it, they are fucking shameless
  4. the prick has also got a tattoo of his staffy on his neck, honestly does none ever just say to him enough's enough
  5. fucking bigot shoo keevins just cant congratulate Rangers for getting through, when asked he just said well Rangers are through fucking arsehole
  6. is that the graphics update for certain TVs if so we got that a while back but not many TVs has it
  7. yup well done to all it looked brilliant sadly for some reason the cameras werent on it as long like they do with other teams
  8. looks like we are getting the one thing that i thought the xbox did better than sony and thats the ability to pause a game then play another so thats another kick in the teeth to microsoft
  9. Rowley Birkin

    Xbox Series X

    cheers, aye its forgotten city im not a fan boy or want to start an argument but im very disappointed with it compared to the PS5 its very cluttered and overall the PS5 has better games but it has forza so thats something
  10. Rowley Birkin

    Xbox Series X

    does the series s need to have an internet connection at all times to be able to play games even if youve downloaded them? found a wee game called lost city it reminds me of shadow of memories, its like groundhog day but in a roman town
  11. that reaction to me says hes taking no shit from anyone hes keeping us on top whatever it takes
  12. well i was up a tenner would have been another £30 if morelos got a hattrick
  13. the reaction from gio says to me hes taking no prisoners its 100% from him
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