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  1. unless you come from anywhere else but England, Northern Ireland or wales but yeah thats not bigoted at all
  2. i would say even the most leftist or those on the other side, the SNP voters would admit that being a Rangers fan and Rangers itself are demonised and hated by the SNP and all who ride in her in scotland today and that they wished we didnt exist so what do you think would happen if you woke up tomorrow in an independent scotland? full of brotherly love for us? fair play in the SFA/SPFL? keeping the queen? keeping the orange walks? the UB or any large amount of Rangers fans walking down the street to be safe?/not arrested for some made up charge? applying for a job/college place with a noticeable UJ/Rangers tattoo or being a good looking guy so must be a H*N? answers to this and more on next weeks soap
  3. said that to my mate last night they will be rioting by end of october when the reality hits them just how shite he is i think hes more their Caixinha than warburton whereas the guy they wanted would have been their PLG this league is ours to throwaway
  4. i wonder if any mhank will blame the wee jewish guy for not playing
  5. are you playing it on playstation
  6. diving fuck im away to watch some other cunts on xhamster
  7. i bet joe hart plays out his skin tonight
  8. i just heard his name and thought yes thats a red card
  9. ive got betis at minus 2,3,4 ive also got them four goals in the first half
  10. its brilliant wait till you start using the help function it has for the game your playing its a god send at times
  11. i mean hes right but he just likes to be contrary to the rest of the mhanks
  12. fuck missed him looks like its the listen function again for tonight then
  13. dicksons? a bitter of the most bitterest
  14. we've been saying this for years and after seeing an article earlier today that said the troubles are on the brink of starting again i think this may happen sooner than later especially since this morning she went on about democracy can only happen if scotland gets another referendum shes stirring the pot and her irish friends are helping
  15. now theres a banner if there ever should be one
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