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  1. Don't get upset with me GovanBlue and Zetland, but as a proud supporter of this cause I am sending GBP 20 cos its November 11th week. Hopefully new members will pop up but in any event us auld yins will keep it going. Yer war cry of "No yet" fell on deaf ears ;-) WATP.
  2. On the other hand the Kinks said it best
  3. Devasted this morning from across the pond. I had the pleasure of meeting Walter and Ethel both here and at Ibrox many times. His sincerity and integrity will be remembered for ever. He was everything a Rangers man should be. Be at peace big man.
  4. Absolutely not. Why on earth would we entertain congratulations from people who hate us - Scottish football, media, politicians. WE are the only people that matter, no-one else. Celebrate within the family - our family - the Rangers Family. No Surrender.
  5. "VE Day" all over again.......... this time it's Victory on Edmiston. WATP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. 50 years ago today. Unbelievable. I've read the articles and the posts and I see the whole thing as clear as it was back then. Sad. Happy New Year Bears. Once a Bear Always a Bear. WATP.
  7. Yup that's him. Huge hands and strength. Worked in the paper mills.
  8. Thanks eejay. I should have added that I am not a new Member. I've been on for several years (don't post too much certainly). But my previous Profile (broxieman) was corrupted in the switch over, so had to start a fresh one - with help from Zetland. WATP.
  9. That day still haunts me. I usually went up on the Denny RSC bus but that day my mate and I drove through. We went in Stairway 13 as usual but for some unknown reason left by the side of the Main Stand. Can't explain why. We picked up our girlfriends (now wives) from shopping in town. We stopped in Moodiesburn (maybe Mollinsburn) for fish suppers as we were all going out that night. In the chip shop a young lad came in off a supporters bus and said 4 people had been killed. When we got home it was 16. We never went out. Another story ......... a couple of weeks before Xmas we had our monthly meeting of the Supporters Club. We had a guy in the Club who was a bit of a nuisance - a big lad with huge hands called appropriately "Barabbas"- so it was proposed that he be barred from the Bus and probably the Club. A couple of us said that he was working the back shift that night so wasn't there to defend himself. We suggested to hold off until he could come in person. Motion carried. As I said above, I wasn't on the bus for the game. But the next morning the tv cameras were going round the hospitals, to the beds, and asking the folks what happened to them. One young lad from my street in Dunipace told his story. He told how he was pulled down with bodies on top of him. He couldn't breathe. Then he felt arms and hands wrap around his face, and "cocooned" him to give him air. He was in tears. He was saved by that action. Then he finished and said - "Big Barabbas saved me". Barabbas died that day on Stairway 13. There never was another motion to expel him. There but for the Grace of God.
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